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IREDO – Integrated Regional Transport of the Hradec Králové and Pardubice Regions

The IREDO integrated transport system...

The IREDO integrated system encompasses regional public bus line transport operators and regional rail operators (České dráhy and GW Train Regio) on the territory of the Hradec Králové Region, Pardubice Region and adjacent areas providing connecting transport (see the IREDO zone maps). ČD offers transport under the IREDO tariff on its trains for the specified territory using single-journey as well as prepaid IREDO tickets (passes) in a system directed by the organiser, OREDO s.r.o. IREDO tickets on ČD trains are also valid in the contiguous areas of Lomnice nad Popelkou and Martinice in the Liberec Region; other zones overlapping with surrounding regions on the railway are Letovice and Týnec nad Labem.

ČD permits the use of IREDO travel documents for 2nd class travel on regional trains (Os), regional fast trains (Sp) and selected fast (R) trains on these lines:

  • line 010 in the segment Týnec nad Labem - Česká Třebová
  • line 015 Přelouč - Heřmanův Městec - Prachovice
  • line 016 Chrudim - Holice - Borohrádek
  • line 017 Česká Třebová - Chornice - Šubířov
  • line 018 Choceň - Litomyšl
  • line 019 Česká Třebová - Lanškroun
  • line 020 in the segment Převýšov - Hradec Králové - Choceň
  • line 021 Týniště nad Orlicí - Letohrad
  • line 022 Častolovice - Solnice
  • line 023 Doudleby nad Orlicí - Rokytnice v Orlických horách
  • line 024 Ústí nad Orlicí - Mlýnický Dvůr
  • line 025 Dolní Lipka - Červený Potok
  • line 026 Týniště nad Orlicí - Broumov
  • line 028 Opočno pod Orl. horami - Dobruška
  • line 030 in the segment Jaroměř - Stará Paka
  • line 031 Jaroměř - Hradec Králové - Pardubice
  • line 032 Jaroměř - Trutnov
  • line 033 Náchod - Starkoč
  • line 040 Trutnov hl.n. - Chlumec n. Cidlinou
  • line 041 in the segment Hradec Králové hl.n. - Semínova Lhota
  • line 044 Kunčice nad Labem - Vrchlabí
  • line 047 Teplice nad Metují - Trutnov hl.n.
  • line 061 in the segment Mlýnec - Jičín
  • line 062 in the segment Chlumec n. Cidlinou - Lovčice obec
  • line 064 in the segment Stará Paka - Sobotka
  • line 236 in the segment Ronov nad Doubravou - Třemošnice
  • line 238 in the segment Vítanov - Pardubice
  • line 260 in the segment Rozhraní - Česká Třebová
  • line 261 Svitavy - Žďárec u Skutče
  • line 270 in the segment Tatenice - Česká Třebová

For purposes of transport integration and of securing a reasonable level of co-financing of operations, the integrated transport system region was divided into zones, which form the basis for setting fares. The IREDO tariff is conceived as zone-route and time tariff. A one-way ticket entitles the holder to one journey between the zones specified thereupon during its term of validity; the journey cannot be realised across a zone with a higher price than the price specified on the ticket. For travel between any two tariff points aboard ČD trains, it is possible to purchase a paper transfer ticket. If the passenger wishes to use a combination of a train and a bus, he or she must procure an IREDO contactless chip card, onto which a transfer ticket is recorded aboard the train, in the ticket office or on the bus.

For regular travel to school, work, etc., passengers can also purchase time tickets (passes) valid for seven, thirty or ninety days. These can only be obtained on an IREDO contactless chip card, i.e. in electronic form. Also available are one-day tickets valid for the entire IREDO network for travel by individuals or small groups of passengers (2 adults and up to 3 children under 15 years of age, or up to 4 adults). In addition to tickets for adults, it is also possible to purchase discounted tickets for children, students, pensioners (persons over 70 years of age who own an IREDO contactless chip card receive a 50% discount) and ZTP and ZTP/P cardholders. More detailed terms and conditions for using IREDO tickets, their prices, permitted routes between zones, combinations of travel documents and passenger ticketing are available in the Transport and Tariff Bulletin, the IREDO Tariff, the IREDO Fare Schedule, the Contractual Transport Terms and Conditions, and the railway timetable. IREDO system tickets can be purchased at any ticket office located on the integrated line segments, when boarding at unmanned stops, or from conductors on the train. More information at IREDO Website.

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