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Travelling with a Dog or Small Animals

Valid from 14 December 2014

You can take your animal friend with you even on your trip aboard a ČD train...

Small animals

The live animals that you can take with you aboard ČD trains consist of a dog or small domesticated or other small animal if the animal is completely closed in an easily portable and completely closable container with an impermeable bottom, provided the animal is completely closed in such a container for the duration of the transport. Small animals in closed containers are transported free of charge on ČD trains as passenger hand luggage. If the container exceeds the dimensions of hand luggage (90 x 60 x 40 cm) or requires a special place on the train, it is necessary to pay for it as transport of oversized luggage.

Live animals cannot be transported on trains using the luggage storage during transport service.

With a dog aboard ČD trains

With a dog on a leash, it is possible to travel on all ČD trains in 2nd carriage class only. The dog must always wear a safety muzzle and must be kept on a short leash. A dog may not be transported in a seat or on a table, even if a mat is used. The transport of dogs, except for the guide dogs of blind holders of a ZTP/P card and assistance dogs, is excluded in 1st class carriages (here it is possible to transport a small dog in a closed container), in restaurant carriages, in sleeper carriages, in carriages (compartments) reserved for transporting passengers with children under 10 years of age and in quiet compartments, and is restricted in couchette carriages. In 1st carriage class, you can also travel with a small dog in a closed container which cannot occupy a separate seat. In couchette carriages, you can travel with a dog only if you purchase the entire compartment for yourself (e.g. the category Single in a sleeper carriage, or if purchasing the entire compartment for one’s family). In Finland, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Hungary and Italy, dogs cannot be transported in couchette carriages under any circumstances.

Schedule of carriage fees for dogs

The transport of a small dog in a closed container is free of charge (just like the transport of hand luggage), but this container must not occupy a separate seat. For the transport on the train of a dog not in a container, it is necessary to pay a carriage fee for a dog according to the distance travelled. No seat reservation is paid for a dog on required reservation trains (e.g. SC Pendolino trains).

Carriage fee for a dog
Tariff kilometres / zone Other dogs Police service dogs, guide dogs and assistance dogs
1 - 50 CZK 15 free
51 - 100 CZK 20
101 - 150 CZK 25
151 - 200 CZK 30
201 - 250 CZK 35
251 - 300 CZK 40
301 - 350 CZK 45
351 a více CZK 50

Guide and Assistance Dogs

Guide dogs belonging to blind ZTP/P cardholders and assistance dogs are transported free of charge on ČD trains; they are not required to wear a muzzle and their transport may be neither excluded nor refused. Guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs may travel together with passengers in 1st class.

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