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Don’t want to lug a bicycle along on your vacation? Leave your bike at home and rent one from us. Thanks to the ČD Bike concept, you can rent a high-quality trekking bike right at the station and hit the road...

ČD Bike - By Train & Bike

Why rent a bike from us?

  • no hassle transporting your bike to the excursion site
  • no expenses for transporting your bike to the excursion site
  • on selected lines you can transport your rented bike by train free of charge
  • you can store the bike free of charge at ČD luggage storage locations
  • you can usually return the bike at a different location from where you rented it
  • you can reserve a bike in advance
  • low rental rates

All ČD bicycle rental facilities are equipped with high-quality trekking bikes and professional service.

ČD Bicycle Rentals – An Easy Road to Nature

PWithout having to worry about your own bike, you’ll arrive by train in your favourite cycling area and rent a high-quality bike right at the station. You can reserve your bike in advance by phone or e-mail. If later you want to make the journey a little easier, you can transport the rented bicycle by train on selected lines and travel closer to your destination. The bike is transported as oversized luggage or using the luggage storage during transport service.

You can also store the bicycle free of charge at stations on selected lines equipped with left luggage storage facilities. After an all-day trip getting to know the beauty of the Czech countryside and its cultural monuments, you don’t even need to return the bike to the same location where you rented it; it’s usually possible to return it at other stations as well, which you can again reach by train without having to pay to transport the rented bike.

ČD bicycle rental shops are usually in operation from 1 April through 31 October. Selected rental shops are even open year-round.

How do I rent a bike?

  • present two pieces of identification (e.g. personal identification, driving licence, passport, etc.) for purposes of drawing up the rental agreement
  • sign the rental agreement
  • pay a deposit for the rented bicycle, only pay cash (the deposit is refunded even if you return the bicycle at a different station where rented bikes can be returned)
  • pay the rental fee and hit the road...

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