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Local Border Traffic EURegio Austria

Valid from 11 December 2016

For Individuals (aktivní) For Small Groups (neaktivní) For Large Groups (neaktivní) For youth up to 26 (neaktivní) Special Offer (neaktivní) Multi-day Ticket (aktivní)

With an EURegio Austria ticket, you will travel inexpensively from Czech border regions to Austria…

  • an inexpensive ticket for a visit to Austria
  • a return ticket – for an excursion
  • a weekly ticket – for commuting

Who can travel using an EURegio Austria ticket

EURegio Austria tickets are intended for everyone:

  • who wants to take a trip to Austria (one-way ticket)
  • who commutes regularly to Austria for work or school
  • who needs to get to the Vienna airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat)

Where you can use an EURegio Austria ticket

  • for 2nd class travel on ČD regional (Os), regional fast (Sp), fast (R, Rx) trains and express trains (Ex)
  • for 2nd class travel on Austrian Railways (ÖBB) category REX, R and S regional trains

on the following lines:

  • Brno hl.n. - Břeclav - Hohenau - Drösing - Gänsenrndorf - Wien - Flughafen Wien
  • Znojmo - Šatov - Retz - Platt - Hollabrunn - Stockerau - Wien - Flughafen Wien
  • České Budějovice - České Velenice - Gmünd - Schwarzenau - Göpfritz - Eggenburg - Ziersdorf - Tulln - Wien - Flughafen Wien
  • České Budějovice - Horní Dvořiště - Summerau - Freistadt - Pregarten- Linz Hbf

* It is possible to board and disembark at all stations in the Vienna circuit (the station name begins with the word “Wien”). This is not valid for travel documents issued to Flughafen Wien; to get to the airport it is only possible to use tickets with the destination station Flughafen Wien. Tickets to the airport are not valid for the carrier CAT (City Airport Train). Only regional transport can be used to reach the station Flughafen Wien.

You can purchase EURegio Austria tickets at any ČD ticket counter. Tickets can originate from any station or stop on the lines specified above in the Czech Republic; the destination station in Austria, however, can only be certain stations from among those specified above.

EURegio – types of tickets issued

  • one-way for adults (15+), children (6-14), bicycles and dogs – ticket valid until 6:00 (a.m.) on the day following the first day of validity
  • return for adults (15+) and children (6-14) – ticket valid until 24:00 (midnight) on the day following the day indicated on the ticket as the first day of validity
  • weekly for adults (15+), children (6-14) and students under 19 years of age (only to the station Gmünd NO, valid on school days only) – valid 1 week.

When using EURegio Rakousko (EURegio Austria) tickets, it is not possible to interrupt your journey. It is not possible to upgrade a EURegio ticket to 1st carriage class. EURegio tickets cannot be returned or exchanged for reasons on the passenger’s side.

Transporting bicycles and dogs

Bicycles can be transported within the MPS (Local Border Traffic) EURegio offer on the selected route using a one-way MPS EURegio kolo/Fahrrad (Local Border Traffic EURegio bicycle) document for CZK 50.

Passengers on the selected route within the MPS (Local Border Traffic) EURegio offer may transport a dog outside of a completely enclosed container using a one-way MPS EURegio pes/Hund (Local Border Traffic EURegio dog) document for CZK 35.

Can I purchase a return ticket from Vranovice to Vienna?
Yes. Vranovice lies on the Brno hl.n. – Wien line and EURegio tickets can originate from any station on this line in the Czech Republic.

Can I purchase a return ticket for the Břeclav – Stillfried segment?
No. Even though Stillfried lies on the Brno hl.n. – Wien line, it is not a designated station in Austria to which it is possible to purchase tickets. In this case we recommend that you purchase a ticket to the next designated station, which is Gänserndorf.

Examples of using EURegio Austria tickets

From - To One-way
Weekly *
Znojmo – Retz EUR 2.20
CZK 61
EUR 20.60
CZK 569
Znojmo – Wien EUR 9.75
CZK 269
EUR 54.30
CZK 1,499
České Budějovice – Linz Hbf EUR 10.55
CZK 291
EUR 68.40
CZK 1,888
České Budějovice - Wien (via Gmünd) EUR 19.20
CZK 530
EUR 94.10
CZK 2,597
Brno hl.n. – Wien EUR 11.55
CZK 319
EUR 72.80
CZK 2,009
Brno hl.n. – Flughafen Wien EUR 14
CZK 386
EUR 80.10
CZK 2,211

Children from 6 to 15 years of age pay half fare. Fares for the ČD segment are distinguished into the regular fare for all passengers and the customer fare for In Karta RailPlus cardholders.

*The prices of international tickets are fixed in EUR and converted to CZK according to the valid Uniform Railway Exchange rate.

Ceník MPS EURegio ÖBB (123 kB)

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