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The Future of Esko and Suburban Trains

Budoucnost Eska a vlaků příměstské dopravyA key construction project for the future of rail in Prague is the so-called New Connection, which made possible the interconnection of individual lines into the so-called gateway model. Following the modernisation of the three-track segment between Praha-Libeň and Praha-Běchovice and the reconstruction of line 221 between Strančice and Benešov, planned modernisations in the coming years include e.g. the segment between Prague Main Station and Praha-Smíchov.

A key construction project for the north-western part of Central Bohemia is the reconstruction of the line to Kladno and the related connection of Ruzyně Airport to rail transport. There are also plans to build a tunnel between Prague and Beroun for high-speed trains. After its completion, it will be possible to take full advantage of the freed capacity on line 171 for the S7 Esko service. Planned for the more distant future is the construction of the New Connection II, which will connect Prague Main Station and Praha-Smíchov with a tunnel, thereby doubling the capacity of this segment.

In order to develop the Prague railway and to expand its use for trips around the city, it is important to increase the number of stations and stops on the city’s territory. At present, for example, the following proposed new stops are being considered: Karlín, Běchovice střed, Černý Most, Podbaba, Vltavská, Výstaviště, Výtoň (Ostrčilovo náměstí), Kačerov and Slavia.

But the future does not merely involve modernising existing lines and building new segments and stations, it also means renewing our rolling stock. On electrified lines, continued delivery of electrical class 471 CityElefant trains is planned. On non-electrified lines, diesel class 814 Regionova units will be deployed as well as new diesel units for fast trains.

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