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Transporting Luggage and Animals

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Luggage Storage During Transport

For transporting luggage on selected trains, you can use the Luggage Storage During Transport service, where luggage is transported under the conductor’s supervision.»

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Transporting Bicycles on the Train

A bike and the railway are a good combination. Bicycle touring is the most popular recreational sport in the Czech Republic. And ČD accommodates its enthusiasts as …»


Oversized Luggage

Oversized luggage is understood as an easily portable item which cannot be transported as hand luggage.»

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Travelling with a Dog or Small Animals

You can take your animal friend with you even on your trip aboard a ČD train...»

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Transporting winter sports equipment on the train

Skis, snowboards, sleds and sleighs are considered hand luggage...»

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Hand Luggage

Hand luggage is understood as any easily portable item which can be placed above or below a passenger’s seat...»

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Transporting Prams on the Train

A pram can be transported as oversized luggage on all passenger trains as long as the train’s available capacity is not exhausted... »

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transporting oversized luggage

transporting oversized luggage with reservations available

transporting oversized luggage with reservations required

bycicles as registered luggage not allowed

luggage storage during transport

luggage storage during transport with reservations available

luggage storage during transport with reservations required

left luggage storage

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