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Airport Express

The AE bus line operates daily at regular 30-minute intervals. In the direction of Prague Airport, this connection can be used from 6:30 to 22:00, and in the opposite direction from 5:30 to 21:00. Mainly low-platform buses are used, ensuring easy boarding and sufficient space for stowing luggage…

We would like to inform passengers that due to unpredictable traffic conditions on the Airport Express line’s route, travel times may be prolonged. For this reason, it is advisable to select connections which allow for commensurate transfer time.

VLAK+ Airport

Travel to the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague by train, with the discounted VLAK+ Airport ticket with an extended term of validity.

With the VLAK+ Airport ticket, we will take you comfortably to the airport and after your return from abroad we will take you back home again too, all for the discounted price of a customer return ticket (25% discount off the regular return fare). Just purchase a return VLAK+ Airport ticket for 2nd-class travel to the destination station Praha letiště/Airport (BUS) and transfer to the Airport Express (AE) bus line at Prague Main Station (Praha hl.n.). In just half an hour you will be at the airport in front of Terminals 1 and 2.

Definitely don’t throw your train ticket away. If after your arrival from abroad you have it stamped at any Prague Airport information desk, you will be able to use it to travel back home on the Airport Express line and then by train to the station specified on your ticket as the boarding station.

More about the VLAK+ Airport ticket


Prague Main Station (Praha hl.n.; metro line C, “Hlavní nádraží” station):
The boarding stop is in Wilsonova Street (the main artery in the direction of Florenc) right in front of the Fanta building (the old station building). The disembarking stop is also located in Wilsonova Street (the main artery in the direction of Muzeum). From here, it is possible to use an accessible elevator right to the ticketing hall.

Prague Masaryk Station (Praha Masarykovo nádraží; metro line B, “Náměstí Republiky” station):
Stop in the direction from the airport for disembarking only, located in Hybernská Street just past the intersection with Dlážděná Street.

Náměstí Republiky (metro line B, “Náměstí Republiky” station):
On the journey from the airport, you can also exit at the Náměstí Republiky stop in Revoluční Street right in front of the Kotva department store and the Palladium shopping centre.

Dejvická (metro line A, “Dejvická” terminus station):
The stop for boarding and disembarking is situated at the municipal transit terminal near the exit from the metro station in the direction of Evropská Street.

Praha letiště/Airport (BUS), Terminál 1:
The stop is situated in the municipal transit area in front of the Letiště Praha, Terminál 1 check-in hall. Terminal 1 is for flights to countries outside of the Schengen zone.

Praha letiště/Airport (BUS), Terminál 2:
The stop is situated in the municipal transit area in front of the Letiště Praha, Terminál 2 check-in hall. Terminal 2 is for flights to countries in the Schengen zone.

Tickets valid on the AIRPORT EXPRESS line

ČD tickets

  • All types of ČD tickets to/from the station Praha letiště/Airport purchased at a ČD ticket counter, through the ČD eShop or using the TeleTiket service are valid on the AE bus.
  • You must present travel documents to the driver for inspection upon boarding the bus. An inland eTiket document may only be presented for inspection printed out or displayed on the screen of a portable electronic device; thus, it is not possible to travel solely on the basis of the transaction code.
  • ČD tickets cannot be purchased at Prague Airport or from the bus driver.
  • You must commence the outbound journey on the first day of the ticket’s validity.

VLAK+ Airport tickets

  • VLAK+ Airport tickets can be used for the journey from the airport only after being stamped at the information desk in the arrival terminals (it is necessary to present a boarding pass from a flight to Prague).
  • You can commence the return journey from the station Praha letiště/Airport at any time during the VLAK+ Airport ticket’s term of validity if there is a date stamp on the front of the VLAK+ Airport ticket. Without this stamp, the VLAK+ Airport ticket is invalid for the return journey, and you will have to pay the fare for the AE line for which you demonstrate eligibility.
  • The date specified on the stamp is the date on which you commence the return journey. The journey must be completed by 24:00 (midnight) of the following day, but no later than by 24:00 (midnight) on the last day of the VLAK+ Airport ticket’s validity.
  • After 20:00 (8 p.m.) the VLAK+ Airport ticket can, at your request, be stamped with the date of the following day.
  • You can purchase VLAK+ Airport ticket up to 2 months prior to travel in advance sales.
  • It is not possible to purchase a VLAK+ Airport ticket through the ČD eShop.

Other tickets

  • International tickets issued to the station Praha Airport are also valid on line AE.
  • From line AE drivers, it is only possible to purchase a non-transferable one-off ticket valid only for line AE. The price is CZK 60 (CZK 40 from/to the stop Dejvická), for children 6-15 years of age CZK 30 (CZK 20 from/to the stop Dejvická), free only for children under 6 years of age.

The Dejvická and Náměstí Republiky stops are not railway tariff points.

Passengers who board at Dejvická must present a ticket valid from the previous tariff point. Passengers travelling to this stop must present a ticket valid to the following tariff point or they must purchase a non-transferable one-off ticket from the bus driver. (At the Náměstí Republiky stop, it is only possible to disembark.)

Transporting Luggage

On Airport Express buses you can safely and comfortably transport your luggage as well as bicycles packed for shipment by air.

Note: It is not possible to use regular Prague Integrated Transport (PID) tickets for individual journeys or prepaid PID time tickets valid for the territory of Prague on bus line AE.

Timetable for download

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(Timetable valid from 15 December 2013)

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