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Hand Luggage

Valid from 14 December 2014

Hand luggage is understood as any easily portable item which can be placed above or below a passenger’s seat...

The passenger transports hand luggage himself/herself, and places it above or below the seat which he or she occupies on the train. Alternately, it can be on the passenger’s lap. Exceptionally, luggage that cannot be placed above or below the seat occupied by the passenger but does not exceed the dimensions 90 x 60 x 40 cm is also regarded as hand luggage. In certain types of carriages it is also possible to transport hand luggage in special luggage racks. It is not permitted to store hand luggage on the seat or inside sanitary facilities (toilet, washroom) on the train.

The transport of hand luggage on ČD trains is free of charge.

The following are examples of hand luggage:

  • skis with poles
  • snowboards
  • sleds
  • sleigh
  • a small folding or children’s kick scooter with wheels smaller than bicycle wheels, at most 12 inches
  • a golf bag
  • small live animals in closed crates with impermeable bottoms
  • a folded collapsible pram (a pram for an accompanying child is always transported free of charge)

What can’t be transported as hand luggage?

Hand luggage must not contain items the properties of which could cause damage to the carriage, harm to the life and health of persons, or to their property, or items that could be suspected of being an explosive device, or bulky items. Such items include in particular items which can cause infection or an item which cannot be placed in the vehicle in the space intended for placing luggage, or an item weighing more than 50 kg, loaded guns, explosives, poisonous, radioactive, volatile and caustic substances, as well as items causing repugnance. A violation of this ban is considered a violation of the transport terms and conditions, and the passenger will pay a surcharge in the amount of CZK 500 (this amount is reduced to CZK 100 if paid immediately). If the passenger refuses to pay the surcharge, he or she is required to present identification so that a confirmation of ČD’s receivable vis-à-vis the passenger can be written up, and the passenger will be excluded from transport.

What items are allowed in hand luggage?

Hand luggage that is carried on board the train may contain a portable steel bottle of liquid heating gas for household use and weighing not more than 10 kg, a securely sealed container of heating oil with a volume not exceeding 20 l, a completely empty container for motor vehicle fuel or an accumulator filled with electrolyte secured against short circuits and with aerating vents.

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