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Thinking about where to go? The best way to go on an excursion is by train. Select a destination and travel there aboard our train.

  • Brno – Praha
    2 h 59 min

    The fastest connection to Austria, and between Brno and Prague…

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  • Ostrava – Praha
    2 h 53 min

    The fastest comfortable connection across the Czech Republic...

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  • Praha – Drážďany
    2 h 15 min

    Comfortable connections for your long journeys…

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  • Praha – Poprad-Tatry
    7 h 54 min

    While you sleep in comfort, train will transport you over distances of hundreds of kilometres...

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  • Břeclav – Olomouc
    za 1 h 19 min

    Higher-quality fast (Rx) and express (Ex) trains offer fast travel between regions...

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  • Poděbrady – Praha
    54 min

    Fast train (R) will transport you quickly from city to city and between regions...

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  • Domažlice – Plzeň
    1 h 9 min

    Regional fast (Sp) or regional (Os) trains will take you to the smallest towns and villages...

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