Travelling in sleeper and couchette carriages

Cestování v lůžkových a lehátkových vozech

Speed, safety and comfort are the main advantages of overnight connections departing daily from the Czech Republic to destinations throughout Europe. While you sleep, you’ll be transported to your destination hundreds of kilometres away, where you’ll arrive fresh and rested.

Sleeper carriages

Sleeper carriages offer all available comfort with single-bed, two-bed or three-bed compartments. Each compartment contains a sink with warm and cold water, and a wardrobe; beds are already made. Passengers’ safety while sleeping is ensured by security locks on the doors to each compartment. For daytime travel the compartments can be easily modified for sitting. Toilets are shared for the entire carriage. Newer sleeper carriages are generally air-conditioned, equipped with 230 V sockets and also have a common shower. The category Deluxe, with a bathroom and shower directly in the compartment, is available in certain sleeper carriages.

In sleeper carriages there are separate compartments for men and women. If a man and a woman wish to travel in the same compartment, they must also pay the regular fare and sleeper supplement for a possible unused place in this compartment. Children up to 10 years of age accompanied by an adult may travel in a communal compartment regardless of gender.

Place categories in sleeper carriages:

  • Triple Economy – compartment for max. 3 passengers with 2nd class travel documents
  • Double Economy – compartment for max. 2 passengers with 2nd class travel documents
  • Single Economy – compartment for 1 passenger with 2nd class travel documents (unless stipulated otherwise); breakfast is usually included in the price of the sleeper supplement
  • Deluxe – in certain carriages accommodation is available in the category Deluxe with a WC and shower in the compartment; the passenger(s) must have travel documents for 2st class regardless of the number of passengers in the compartment (Triple, Double, Single)

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