I’m transporting a bicycle

Valid from 10 December 2017

Přepravuji kolo

Why take your bike on the train?

Going on a bike ride? Environmentally friendly train travel and cycling go well together. A unique advantage of our trains is the option to transport a bicycle.

Where to get a ticket for a bike?

  • at a ticket counter
  • in the e-shop
  • from the conductor on the train

How to transport a bike on the train?

You can use the following services:

  • Oversized luggage – on trains marked with a bicycle symbol you can transport a bike under your own supervision. You will load the bike into the indicated space yourself.
  • Luggage storage during transport – on trains marked with a suitcase symbol it is possible, with the help of a conductor, to load your bike into a special space for transporting bicycles. Your bike will be under the conductor’s supervision for the duration of the transport.

For transporting a bicycle, a carriage fee is paid according to the number of kilometres travelled. In the luggage storage during transport service, there is an additional one-off storage fee. You will pay the carriage fee and the storage fee to the conductor directly.

On certain trains, it is possible to reserve a space for your bicycle, and on other trains such a reservation is required.

Overview of symbols for transporting luggage

bike icon transport of oversized luggage, especially bicycles (until full capacity)

bike in circle icon transport of oversized luggage with optional reservation of a space for a bicycle and a seat for the passenger (only a space for the bicycle is available on certain trains) until the train’s capacity of spaces is exhausted; thereafter only with the conductor’s approval

bike in frame icon transport of oversized luggage, especially bicycles, reservations required for bicycles and for passengers with bicycles

suitcase icon luggage storage during transport (until full capacity)

suitcase in circle icon luggage storage during transport, reservations possible for bicycles

suitcase in frame icon luggage storage during transport, reservations required for bicycles

cross out bike icon bycicles as oversized luggage not allowed

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