I’m transporting a dog or other animal

Valid from 11 December 2023

Transport your pets without worries

A dog or other animal can travel anywhere with you.

Where to get a ticket for a dog?

  • at a ticket counter
  • in the e-shop (for Czechia only)
  • from the conductor on the train

A dog on the train

You can travel with a dog on almost all trains in 2nd class. The dog must always be muzzled and must be kept on a short leash. For the dog, you will purchase a related travel document for transporting a dog according to the number of kilometres travelled. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are transported free of charge.

You can take a small dog with you on the train in a closable container with an impermeable bottom. If the dimensions of the container do not exceed 90 x 60 x 40 cm, then the dog will travel free of charge.

With a dog outside of a closed container, it is not possible to travel in 1st class carriages, in restaurant and bistro carriages, in carriages (compartments) reserved for transporting passengers travelling with children under 10 years of age, in family compartments, or in marked quiet compartments.

Price schedule of related travel documents for a dog

The transport of a small dog in a closed container is free of charge (just like the transport of hand luggage), but this container must not occupy a separate seat. For the transport of a dog transported on the train outside of a container, it is necessary to purchase a related travel document for a dog according to the distance travelled. No seat reservation is paid for a dog on required reservation trains (e.g. SC Pendolino trains).

Distance (km) Price Police service dogs, guide dogs and assistance dogs
1 – 150 CZK 30 free
151 or more CZK 50

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