Transport Restrictions in Connection with the Spread of the Coronavirus

In connection with the preventive steps taken by the Government of the Czech Republic to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, all international passenger rail transport between the Czech Republic and Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland has been suspended until further notice. From 17-23 March, also inland service on SC Pendolino trains will be temporarily suspended in the Prague – Ostrava / Český Těšín segment. In connection with measures taken by the Olomouc Regional Public Health Authority (HSOK), trains will no longer serve stations and stops in Litovel, Červenka and Uničov effective 16 March at 3:00 (a.m.).

Purchase Tickets Safely

Help us prevent the spread of coronavirus and purchase tickets online in our e-shop or in the Můj vlak (“My Train”) mobile application. By purchasing tickets online, you will protect yourself as well as our personnel and other passengers. Until further notice, train personnel will no longer sell travel documents. You can also procure tickets at ticket counters, where we prefer cashless payments.

Inland Transport

Temporary Suspension of SC Pendolino Trains in the Prague – Ostrava / Český Těšín Segment

For the period from 17 through 23 March 2020, inclusive, ČD has modified the scope of long-distance rail transport between Prague and the Ostrava region. During this period, all SuperCity connections will be cancelled in the Prague – Ostrava / Český Těšín segment. Passengers can use other ČD trains operated on this line. IC Pendolino trains in the Prague – Plzeň – Cheb – Františkovy Lázně segment will operate without restrictions.

Restrictions on Trains in the Localities of Litovel, Červenka and Uničov (Olomouc Region)

In accordance with measures taken by the Olomouc Regional Public Health Authority (HSOK) and effective 16 March at 3:00 (a.m.), trains will not serve the communities of Litovel, Červenka or Uničov until further notice. Regional trains on line 307 Červenka – Senice na Hané – Prostějov will operate only in the Senice na Hané – Prostějov segment; the stations/stops Červenka, Červenka zast., Litovel, Litovel město, Litovel předměstí, Myslechovice, Cholina, Odrlice and Senice na Hané zast. will have no train service. Furthermore, it is no longer possible for passengers to board or disembark at the Červenka station on line 270, or at the Uničov station or the Uničov zast. stop on line 290. In order to provide transport service to the other communities on the rail lines, trains will continue to operate on their original routes and at the current time intervals.  Details are available on Omezení provozu.

Business Class Suspended

Until further notice, seat reservations for Business class on railjet trains will no longer be sold. Seats in these sections may be occupied by passengers with travel documents for 1st carriage class without a reservation.

Suspension of Selected Services

Until further notice, provision of the following services will be suspended at stations:

  • Left luggage storage
  • ČD Bike bicycle rentals
  • ČD Lounge waiting areas
  • ČD exchange offices
  • Merchandise sales at ticket counters

Until further notice, provision of the following services will be suspended aboard trains:

  • ČD Minibar catering services
  • ČD Restaurant catering services
  • Premium and bonus services

International Transport

International passenger transport with Slovakia has been suspended until further notice effective Friday, 13 March at 7:00 (a.m.). Transport with the other neighbouring countries has been suspended effective at midnight on 13/14 March. In view of the order to restrict transport across the Czech Republic’s borders, no replacement services will be provided in the cross-border segments. This restriction will affect approximately 120 long-distance international connections and dozens of regional cross-border trains. ČD and its foreign partners operate more than 15 railway border crossings.


  • Berliner trains serving the Prague – Berlin – Hamburg / Kiel line will operate only in the Prague – Děčín segment and return.
  • Západní expres trains to / from Munich will operate only in the Prague – Domažlice segment and return, with a transfer in Plzeň to a rail replacement service that will operate in the Plzeň – Domažlice segment.
  • Regional trains on line U28 Děčín – Bad Schandau – Sebnitz – Rumburk will operate only in the Dolní Poustevna – Rumburk segment. Departures in the direction Dolní Poustevna – Rumburk will be about 25 minutes later for the 7 connections. Rail replacement bus service will operate in the Děčín – Dolní Žleb segment. Passengers travelling to inland regions from the Šluknov area can continue to use line U8 via Česká Kamenice.
  • Regional passenger trains in the Karlovy Vary Region will operate to the border stations. The trains will thus run in the Karlovy Vary – Potůčky and Cheb – Aš segments. The line from Cheb to Plesná will be served by rail replacement bus service rather than by trains. Regional fast trains (Sp, in Germany RE) operating on the Nuremberg – Cheb segment will terminate in Germany and will not continue to Cheb.
  • In the Plzeň Region, regional trains will operate to the Železná Ruda-Alžbětín border station (line 183 Klatovy – Železná Ruda-Alžbětín). On line 180 Germany – Domažlice – Plzeň, regional trains from Germany will terminate at the Furth im Wald station. In the Furth im Wald – Česká Kubice – Domažlice segment, international passenger connections have been suspended without replacement.


  • Railjet Vindobona connections serving the Prague – Vienna – Graz line will only operate in the Prague – Břeclav segment and return.
  • Jižní expres connections serving the Prague – Linz line will only operate in the Prague – Rybník segment and return.
  • The line from Cheb to Plesná will be served by rail replacement bus service rather than by trains. In the České Budějovice – Summerau segment, international passenger connections will terminate at the Horní Dvořiště station; trains in the direction České Budějovice / Veselí nad Lužnicí – České Velenice will operate to the České Velenice border station. ÖBB trains in Austria will terminate at the Summerau and Gmünd (NÖ) border stations and will not continue to the Czech Republic.
  • Regional trains between the South Moravia Region and Austria are operated by ÖBB according to their requirements and will terminate at stations in Austria. Nor will any trains operate between Znojmo and Šatov (Znojmo – Retz border crossing). Passengers can use IDS JMK bus line 818.


  • Transport to Slovakia was suspended by Slovak authorities already on Friday, 13 March at 7:00 (a.m.).
  • EuroCity Metropolitan trains serving the Prague – Bratislava – Budapest line and other connections on this line (e.g. Hungaria, Slovenská strela etc.) will only operate in the Prague – Břeclav segment and return.
  • Valašské expres trains serving the Prague – Púchov / Žilina line will only operate in the Prague – Horní Lideč segment and return.
  • International long-distance trains operating across the Mosty u Jablunkova – Čadca border crossing, SC Pendolino Košičan 241 / 240, will operate in the Prague – Český Těšín segment and return. The SC 242/243 connection will only operate to / from Bohumín. The Ex Ostravan and Fatra trans will only operate to the Návsí station.
  • Regional passenger trains from the South Moravian region to Slovakia on line 343 Hodonín – Vrbovce will only operate to / from the Javorník nad Veličkou stop. Trains operating on the Slovak side will terminate in Slovakia. No passenger trains will operate on the Břeclav – Kúty line, not even in the Břeclav – Lanžhot segment. Passengers can use IDS JMK bus line 572.
  • Regional trains between the Moravia-Silesia Region and Slovakia will terminate in Mosty u Jablunkova.


  • EuroCity international long-distance trains from Prague, Ostrava, Austria or Slovakia / Hungary to Poland will only operate in the Czech Republic to the Bohumín station.
  • Reginal transport between the Moravia-Silesia Region and Poland has been suspended as well. Passenger trains in the Těšín region will terminate at the Český Těšín station. In the Ostrava region, passenger trains from Poland will terminate at the Chałupki station and will not continue to Bohumín.
  • Regional fast (Sp) trains serving the Lipová Lázně – Jeseník – Głuchołazy – Krnov segment (line 292 Šumperk – Krnov) will not operate in the Mikulovice – Głuchołazy – Jindřichov ve Slezsku segment (across Polish territory). Rail replacement bus service has been provided in the Lipová Lázně – Jeseník – Mikulovice – Jindřichov ve Slezsku segment and return. In the Jindřichov ve Slezsku – Krnov segment and return, these regional fast (Sp) trains will operate according to the regular timetable.
  • In the Liberec Region, international passenger transport on line 036 to Szklarska Poręba has been suspended. Trains to / from Liberce and Tanvald will commence / terminate their journeys in Harrachov.

Overnight Trains

  • Overnight long-distance transport has been suspended without replacement on the territory of the Czech Republic until further notice.

Returning Travel Documents

In connection with the suspension of international operations and with the extraordinary measures in effect on the territory of the Czech Republic, ČD has adopted the following measures for travel document returns.

Vrátit jízdenku koupenou on-line

Inland Commuter Tickets

  • Effective 11 March 2020, ČD will refund partially or completely unused weekly, monthly or quarterly commuter tickets for the special fare for passengers aged 6-17 and for students aged 18-25 without a service charge. A refund can be made at any time within 6 months from the first day of non-use; the first day of non-use, however, will always be considered to have been 11 March, and this date also replaces the prescribed confirmation.

International Tickets

  • Travel documents issued at ČD ticket counters with the first date of validity on 13 March or later can be returned without a service charge even if such tickets are normally non-refundable (e.g. including First Minute Europe (Včasná jízdenka Evropa) tickets to Poland on the first day of their term of validity). These measures concern travel documents purchased for travel within the entire scope of the advance sales period (i.e. even for travel in June).
  • Travel documents issued at ČD ticket counters with the first date of validity on 10-12 March which are normally non-refundable per the standard terms and conditions can be returned over and above the transport terms and conditions with a service charge of CZK 80 / EUR 3 (e.g. the price of a First Minute Europe (Včasná jízdenka Evropa) ticket to Poland with the first day of validity on 11 March will be refunded less a service charge of CZK 80 / EUR 3).
  • It is also possible to return international travel documents purchased through the ČD e-shop or the Můj vlak (“My Train”) application under the same terms and conditions. The refund can be made only through these distribution channels (not at ČD ticket counters).

From 13 March until further notice, sales of all international travel documents and reservations will be suspended.

Measures Taken by ČD to Combat the Spread of Coronavirus

  • ČD has expanded and intensified the cleaning of trains. Different cleansers are now being used to wash interiors and the intensity of cleaning has been increased as well. 
  • Special attention is being devoted to disinfecting all surfaces with which passengers come into contact – door handles, handrails for boarding, trash canister lids, and door and WC control elements. 
  • On long-distance trains, we replenish sanitary and disinfectant products at major stations.   
  • In order to disinfect trains for long-distance transport, we use a PROFIZON X ozone generator. This removes viruses and bacteria throughout the entire carriage. 
  • Aboard our trains, we distribute Czech Health Ministry flyers containing information on the symptoms of a coronavirus infection and on how to prevent the spread of the infection.  The information in these flyers is provided in Czech, English, German and Italian.
  • Measures have been adopted in the area of principles of behaviour for train personnel, e.g. in the area of personal hygiene. Operational personnel are gradually being equipped, e.g. with disinfectant gels. The company is also procuring vitamins in order to boost its employees’ immunity. 
  • The Integrated Rescue System (IZS) is commencing random health checks aboard long-distance connections. ČD has provided the required conditions to enable IZS to perform this activity. 
  • A task force is in constant contact with IZS, the State Security Council and the Czech Ministry of Transport.
  • From midnight on 15/16 March until further notice, train personnel on ČD connections (train managers, conductors and train drivers on connections with self-service ticketing) will no longer sell travel, transport or reservation documents. Passengers can procure tickets through online channels (the ČD e-shop ČD, the Můj vlak (“My Train”) application) or at ticket counters. At this time, travel documents are sold in all stations where ČD operates ticket offices. Even here, however, ČD has introduced measures to minimise direct contact. All cashiers are separated by glass from customers and we kindly request that customers preferentially use cashless payments when purchasing tickets.
  • Until further notice, train personnel will check travel documents visually, i.e. without physically touching or stamping them.



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