How the Timetable is Made

Several entities participate in the timetable’s preparation and the process lasts approximately one year.

Trains in the Public Interest

ČD prepares a draft timetable of its trains mainly according to the requirements of the entities which order public transport. Long-distance trains (fast trains, express trains and selected InterCity and EuroCity trains) are ordered by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, while regional trains (local and limited-stop trains) are ordered by individual regional administrations. The Ministry of Transport and regional administrative bodies order trains to secure basic transport services for regions based on agreements with ČD and subsequently pay ČD compensation for its demonstrable losses from their operation. The orders also contain the quantity and times of trains on individual lines as well as the required quality of transport (vehicles used, punctuality of trains, etc.).

Other Trains

SuperCity trains as well as selected EuroCity and InterCity trains are operated without subsidy on ČD’s own business risk. Their timetables are drafted by ČD directly based on international agreements with foreign rail operators. Timetables for all trains travelling to foreign destinations (long-distance as well as regional trains) are negotiated under international agreements.

Coordinating the Timetable’s Creation

The Rail Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) processes the timetables for individual trains, taking into consideration the requirements of all rail operators. In working out timetables, higher-category trains have preference and lower-category trains are scheduled accordingly (in the order SC, EC, IC, EN, Ex, R, Sp, Os), although priority is given international trains which operate under international agreements. When multiple requirements come into conflict, trains serving the public interest have priority (i.e. trains ordered by the Ministry of transport or regional administrations).

Time for Preparing the Timetable

The process of creating a national railway timetable for a certain period takes more than a year. Deadlines for submitting comments are announced by the Rail Infrastructure Administration Správa železnic, s.o.

Comments on Timetables for Higher-Category Trains (SC and selected EC, IC and EN trains)

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Comments on Timetables for Long-Distance Trains (fast, express and selected EC, IC and EN trains)

Comments on Timetables for Regional Trains (regional trains and regional fast-trains)

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