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Can’t find the information you’re looking for regarding a train journey? Ask us using the Contact form. You can also send us a complaint or appreciation.

Do you have something to say about a delay or an operational restriction on a line, station or stop? Please contact the infrastructure administrator directly. The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) is responsible for lines, stations, stops, platforms, station buildings, audio-visual information systems for passengers, safety equipment, crossings and closures. You will find contact information on

The form is not used for requesting indemnification for a delay per EU Regulation 1371. Please send a request for indemnification by e-mail to To return or exchange an eTiket, please use our e-shop.

Did you leave anything onboard the train? If the train is still on its way, we recommend you to contact our Central Customer Services as soon as possible, by using the phone number 221 111 122. Our operators have a possibility of getting in touch with the train crew directly. All lost and found items are subsequently registered on

Do you need advice? The team of expert operators of the Central Customer Services is ready to provide you with information on train connections, prices, offers or e.g. on the current situation on the railway.

Things don’t always go as planned. Every complaint helps us improve services for your next journey. We consider a complaint to be any submission in which the filer is asserting his or her rights or interests protected by law, if these were violated. You can also notify us of shortcomings or defects. In order for us to assess a complaint objectively, we ask that you please describe the situation in as much detail as possible (date, time, place or train, and a description of the event), and attach copies of travel documents if the complaint concerns them. We usually process complaints within 30 days. We will inform you in writing of the results of our investigation.

Every compliment is an important feedback for us which we can use for our next work with pleasure. For this reason we would like to thank you in advance for every message stating that we did something well, and we would like to ask you for a description of the situation (date, time, place or train) as exact as possible.

The EU Regulation on personal data protection (GDPR) provides you with a guarantee of exercising certain rights connected with the processing of your personal data towards us, when we are acting as the controller of you personal data. In order that we can simplify this process, we have prepared answers to some frequently asked questions connected with the personal data processing. For this reason, please have a look at the section entitled “Questions and Answers” and provided for below. In case you do not find an answer to your question or if you continue to insist on the exercising of your rights, please download our form for the exercising of the Customer’s rights regarding personal data. You can print the form or you can fill in the same in an online way and then you can upload it to the web site with your guaranteed electronic signature; in the case that you are a holder of the loyalty In Card, you can upload the form after logging into the E-shop system even without that signature. You can send the form with the guaranteed electronic signature also by e-mail or as a letter which is provided with your officially certified signature. Alternatively you can file it at the filing office in the headquarters of our company at the address České dráhy, a.s., Generální ředitelství (General Directorate), Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1222, 101 15 Prague 1 after submission of an identity document issued by a state administration authority. Please specify in the reference of any communication or on the envelope the subject matter (reference) “GDPR”.

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How long will it take you to respond to my complaint?

We must draw your attention to the fact that the contact form is not suitable for addressing acute problems. For your response, we must verify the facts relating to the complaint, and this may take some time. The period for a response is limited by legislation to 1 month from the time of sending, and in exceptional cases (e.g. if we have to communicate with another entity) this period can be up to 3 months.

I paid for a ticket but didn’t receive it. Did the payment go through? Should I repeat my purchase?

Please bring this issue to the attention of our Contact Centre without delay by telephone on (+420) 221 111 122 or by e-mail on In the better scenario, this can be a completed purchase and the problem occurred only with the delivery of the travel document. The other possibility is that the sum has been blocked with your bank, but that the transaction was not completed for some reason.

I’m dissatisfied with your services. How can I document my request with the travel documents that I used on my journey?

You can attach files right in the contact form. If you cannot attach a copy of the ticket, please at least inform us in the text of your complaint of the price, place and approximate time of purchase.

Can I return a ticket purchased online using the contact form?

No. To return an electronic ticket, please use the “Returns” section in the ČD e-shop.

I’m concerned about the state of the railway infrastructure (tracks, pedestrian underpasses, platforms, crossings, tidiness of the station). Will you

We are of course not pleased by problems on the railway, but we cannot influence anything in this area. The infrastructure for all carriers is administered by the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration, a state organisation. It is thus more appropriate for you to address your concerns to this organisation directly. You will find contact information on

Can I comment on the unsuitability of the timetable using the contact form?

In this case, ČD’s role is merely that of a carrier. Most of the long-distance transport is ordered by the Ministry of Transport, and regional transport is ordered by the administrative authorities in the various regions. For this reason, it is more appropriate to direct your requests regarding the timetable (timing, stops, etc.) to the ordering authority directly. You will find contact information on the websites of individual administrative authorities. You will find more information on the "How the timetable is made” page.

Do you need to know the duration of a delay or the reason for it?

For current connections, you can get this information using the TRAIN function on the ČD website, on the ČD mobile website (, or in the Můj vlak (“My Train”) mobile application. If you’re not sure of the reason for the delay or if you need to verify its duration retrospectively, you can use the e-mail address Please use the contact form if the delay infringed upon your rights as a customer.

I forgot / lost my personal property on the train. Who can I turn to?

If you forget anything on the train, we recommend that you call our Contact Centre as soon as possible on (+420) 221 111 122. Our operators can contact the train crew directly, who can try to find the lost item. All lost and found items are then recorded on

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