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InterCity and EuroCity

Comfortable connections for your long journeys…

Fast and comfortable travel over long distances across the Czech Republic is offered by InterCity (IC) trains, and to foreign destinations by EuroCity (EC) trains. The network of EC and IC trains interconnects all of Europe and they stop at only the most important stations. These trains offer travel in 1st and 2nd carriage class as well as optional seat reservations. The trains are able to transport bicycles, prams and strollers, as well as other bulky luggage. You can purchase refreshments in the restaurant or bistro carriage, or by using the in-seat service. In 1st class, we provide a bottle of water and the daily press free of charge. Some IC and EC trains are commissioned and co-financed by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, while others have not been commissioned and are co-financed at ČD’s own commercial risk.

Services on InterCity and EuroCity trains

2nd class

1st class

air-conditioning (on selected trains)

WC (on some trains disabled-accessible and equipped with a changing table)

it is possible to purchase a seat reservation for designated carriages

restaurant carriage (on selected trains)

bistro carriage (on selected trains)

in-seat refreshment service

bonus services in 1st class

free wireless internet connection (on selected trains)

230V electrical sockets (on selected trains)

ladies‘ compartment (on selected trains)

reserved seats for passengers travelling with children under 10 (on selected trains)

children’s cinema (on selected trains)

transport of oversized luggage (until capacity is exhausted)

carriage suitable for transporting passengers using wheelchairs, equipped with a platform lift (on selected trains)


WRmz restaurant carriage

In the restaurant section of a WRmz restaurant carriage, you can enjoy hot meals and other refreshments. In the other part of the carriage you will find a bistro, where you can purchase refreshments at the bar. WRmz dining carriages operate mainly on the Prague – Berlin – Hamburg line, but you can indulge in hot meals and refreshments on most long-distance international trains.

Photo-gallery of the vehicle






an audio-visual information system





seats for passengers using wheelchairs


spaces for bicycles

The restaurant offers 36 seats, with another 8 seats in the bistro.


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