The “Můj vlak” (“My Train”) mobile application

Mobilní aplikace Můj vlak

Don’t place your ear on the track! With the “Můj vlak” (“My Train”) application, you always know how soon it will arrive...

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The “Můj vlak” mobile application

The application is intended for smartphones and tablets, has been made in versions for Android and iOS. Its main objective is to provide a comprehensive information service for travelling by train. You can easily search for connections, purchase a ticket and then continuously monitor information about your train’s journey. The application will inform you of closures, extraordinary events and related measures. You will also learn the platform and track from which your train will depart. The application will even inform you of an approaching transfer or new extraordinary event that will affect your train’s journey.

Basic functions

  1. Connections – search for connections, obtain comprehensive information about the connection for purchasing a ticket directly
  2. Train – easily obtain complete information about your train and continuous information about its journey
  3. Station – complete overview information about the selected station, including current departure times (overview of train departures including information about their platform, track and any delay)
  4. Tickets – manage purchased tickets to easily display them to a conductor during an inspection on the train, and to make quick repeat purchases of tickets which you have purchased in the past

These functions are available in the Android version using a swipe-menu, and in the iOS version they are available in the lower part of the screen.



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