Basic NRT fare

Valid from 10 December 2017

Základní jízdné NRT

What is the basic NRT fare?

Travelling abroad and not using any kind of discounted offer? Then you can always travel on the basic NRT fare, which is the basic fare for tickets used for travel around Europe.

Where and how to purchase a ticket for the basic NRT fare?

  • at a ticket counter
  • in the e-shop for journeys to selected countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia)

The basic NRT fare offers

We sell international NRT tickets (“Non-Reservation-Integrated Tickets”) under the Special Conditions of International Carriage for Non-Reservation-Integrated Tickets (SCIC-NRT).

  • one-way and return tickets are valid for 4 days
  • a journey can be initiated at any time during the ticket’s term of validity
  • unless disallowed by special transport terms and conditions, a journey can be suspended at any time, any number of times, and without formalities
  • discounts available – e.g. RailPlus, for children and groups
  • the ticket is not tied to a specific train


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