Passenger compensation

Odškodnění cestujících

What is compensation?

Things don’t always go as planned. You will receive financial compensation as an apology from us if there is a train delay of 60 minutes or more, or if selected standards are not fulfilled.

Train delay

ČD compensates passengers in the sense of Regulation (EC) No. 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations, and the ČD Contractual and Transport Terms for Public Passenger Railway Transport (SPPO) for train delays under the rules specified below.

What kind of compensation will you receive?

  • 25% off the ticket price, provided the total fare for a one-way journey for an individual passenger is at least CZK 400 in the case of a delay of 60 to 119 minutes
  • 50% off the ticket price, provided the total fare for a one-way journey for one passenger is at least CZK 200 in the case of a delay of 120 minutes or more

or a one-off compensation for holders of IN 100 tickets in the amount of:

  • CZK 50 for a delay of 60 to 119 minutes,
  • CZK 100 for a delay of 120 or more minutes.


How do you exercise a claim for compensation?

  1. If you hold travel documents purchased from a carrier other than ČD, please contact the carrier which issued the ticket or tickets (see the list of foreign carrier contact information). 
  2. If you are exercising a claim to compensation for a ČD travel document in the case of a delayed train, you can do so by selecting one of the following options: 
    a) Fill in the online form on (“Application for Indemnification” tab), and attach a file containing the travel documents in question (e.g. PDF, photograph, scan, etc.); 
    b) Submit the filled-in request form at the ticket counter together with the originals of the travel documents in question (eTiket documents must be printed from the PDF file on white A4 paper in the original unreduced size); the form can be obtained at the ticket counter or you can download it here and print it out. 
    c) Send the filled-in request form together with the originals of the travel documents in question by post to the following address: ČD, a.s. – Claims Processing Facility (OPT), Department of Portioning, Clearing and Reconciliation of Relationships, Vídeňská 15, 772 11 Olomouc, CZECH REPUBLIC. 
  3. It may be possible to process your request more quickly if you also submit documentation of the realised journey, e.g. a seat reservation, official confirmation of the delay, etc. 
  4. You must exercise your claim to compensation by submitting a request no later than 3 months following the expiry of your travel document.
  5. Automatic indemnification of eTiket documents is currently being tested. Automatic indemnification will proceed in the case of an eTiket document that was:
  • paid for with a payment card or from a ČD Credit account;
  • issued for a one-way fare per a ČD tariff;
  • used on a connection without a transfer; and
  • inspected (scanned) and recognised as valid by a conductor on the delayed train.

The indemnity will be paid out automatically to the account from which the eTiket document was paid for. If the payment is not credited to the account within 30 days from the end of the eTiket document’s term of validity, we recommend that you request indemnification using one of methods specified above.

Non-fulfilment of selected standards

If, on a category R, Rx, Ex, IC, EC, SuperCity, railjet or EN train, the following standards of transport comfort were not upheld, the passenger shall have a claim to a one-off compensation in the amount of CZK 30, which the conductor will issue right on the train and which can be used to pay for other ČD services. The conductor will issue the compensation only after presenting a valid travel document.

  • a 1st class carriage is missing and the passenger presents a travel document valid for 1st class,
  • the planned number of carriages was not deployed and a passenger with a valid travel document has to stand,
  • guaranteed 230 V electrical sockets are missing and the passenger presents a valid reservation for such a carriage,
  • in a carriage included according to the composition plan, there is not a functional guaranteed Wi-Fi internet connection for reasons on ČD’s side,
  • in a carriage included according to the composition plan, a comfortable temperature was not maintained due to non-functional air-conditioning, forced ventilation or heating, and the passenger could not be adequately re-seated.

A maximum of two compensations for non-fulfilment of selected standards can be applied within a single payment.

A credit note issued as compensation for non-fulfilment of selected standards can also be used in a dining or bistro carriage where service is provided by the company JLV, a.s., but only aboard the train on which it was issued, for:

  • retrieving a coffee or tea or carbonated / non-carbonated water (without a supplementary charge),
  • partial payment of the price for other items from the JLV offerings (with a supplementary charge).


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