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Vlakem na Slovensko

Enjoy Slovakia with us!

Aboard direct EuroCity trains, you can travel in comfort from a range of cities in the Czech Republic to Bratislava, Žilina, Poprad and Košice. The fastest connections between the Czech Republic and Slovakia are provided by SC Pendolino trains, and if you want to rest up fully during your journey select one of the overnight trains with sleeper and couchette compartments. And if you take the automobile train you can even take your car with you to Slovakia.

Thanks to the reduced fare, it is now possible to travel e.g. from Prague to Bratislava for as little as CZK 325.

Where and how to purchase a ticket?

  • at an international ticket counter
  • in the e-shop

To Bratislava and Žilina every two hours

Direct EuroCity trains run from Prague, Pardubice and Brno to Bratislava every two hours. Every two hours you can depart from Prague for Žilina, and there are several daily connections to Žilina from the Ostrava region as well.

From To Trains per day Duration Trains Changes
Praha Bratislava 8x cca 4 h EC, EN 0
Brno Bratislava 9x 1 h 27 min EC, EN 0
Praha Žilina 10x cca 5 h 15 min SC, EC, Ex 0
Ostrava Žilina 8x 1 h 45 min SC, EC, Ex 0

The fastest connection to the Tatras and Košice

Prague and the Ostrava region are connected to the Tatras and Košice every day aboard the comfortable, high-speed SC Pendolino Košičan train. On Fridays in the direction from Prague and on Sunday in the opposite direction, there is a supplementary connection aboard which you can also transport your automobile or motorcycle.

Thanks to an SC Pendolino connection, the High Tatras are accessible via the Štrba stop in just 6 hours from Prague (from Olomouc in under 4 hours, and from Ostrava in under 3 hours). At Štrba train connects to a rack railway train to Štrbské Pleso. Eastern Slovakia’s capital of Košice is again even closer aboard a comfortable SuperCity Pendolino train from Prague in just 7 hours and 16 minutes, from Olomouc in 5 hours and 7 minutes, and from Ostrava in 4 hours and 10 minutes.

↓ Outbound Station ↑ Return
SC 241 EC 243 * EC 242 ** SC 240
7:07 13:19 Praha hl.n. 19:22 22:24
9:16 15:34 Olomouc hl.n. 17:14 20:16
10:13 16:44 Ostrava hl.n. 15:51 19:16
11:34 18:10 Žilina 14:20 17:53
12:34 19:18 Liptovský Mikuláš 13:19 16:52
13:02 | Štrba | 16:26
13:15 19:58 Poprad-Tatry 12:38 16:12
14:23 21:10 Košice 11:22 15:03

* runs on Fridays, 27 Oct, 16 Nov, except 28 Oct, 18 Nov
** runs on Sundays, 28 Mar, 6 Jul, except 27 Mar, 3 Jul

Travelling on Pendolino trains

To Slovakia in comfort overnight as well

Two pairs of overnight trains connect Prague with central and eastern Slovakia. And one overnight train even runs between Prague and Bratislava. You will board in the evening and wake up rested at your destination in the morning. Between Prague and the Poprad-Tatry station or between Prague and Košice, you can also transport your automobile or motorcycle.

↓ Outbound Station ↑ Return
EN 445 EN 443 EN 444 EN 442
22:00 23:09 Praha hl.n. 6:33 7:22
0:41 1:55 Olomouc hl.n. 3:56 4:40
2:17 3:02 Ostrava hl.n. 2:20 3:36
4:14 5:14 Žilina 0:12 1:34
5:41 6:20 Liptovský Mikuláš 22:42 0:10
| 6:49 Štrba | 23:42
6:22 7:03 Poprad-Tatry 21:59 23:25
7:41 8:39 Košice 20:24 22:08

Passengers’ safety is ensured for the duration of the journey – in every sleeper and couchette carriage, a steward ensures that order is maintained, and on the territory of the Czech Republic a security agency team makes regular checks and attends to passengers’ safety in cooperation with the train crew. In sleeper carriages there are separate compartments for men and women; if a man and a women wish to travel together, they can use a compartment in the category Double.

Travelling in sleeper and couchette carriages

You can obtain more detailed information about train journeys to Slovakia from our Search for a Connection page.

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