Kilometric Bank

Valid from 15 December 2019

Kilometrická banka

What is a Kilometric Bank?

Prepay a whole 2,000 kilometres on our trains! A Kilometric Bank is a booklet with 2,000 km at your disposal, and these are gradually deducted. Just board your train without waiting at the ticket office and the conductor will deduct kilometres based on the route you’ve written out.

Where and how to purchase a Kilometric Bank?

  • at a ticket counter

What a Kilometric Bank offers

  • a train journey without having to wait at the ticket office
  • 1 kilometre for CZK 1.10
  • the maximum deduction per journey is 400 km – beyond this distance you travel for free
  • option to travel in 1st class
  • up to three passengers at once can travel on a single Kilometric Bank
  • you have your kilometres under control
  • transferable ticket – can be used by anyone
  • valid for half a year


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