Group Ticket

Valid from 9 December 2018

Skupinová jízdenka

What is a Group Ticket?

Travelling with a scout group, on a school excursion or on a trip with friends? Take advantage of a Group Ticket and save while travelling aboard our trains. For larger groups, we even reserve space on board and provide reservations free of charge.

Where and how to purchase a Group Ticket?

Groups of 6 or more persons

  • book your trip online in advance
  • book your trip at the ticket counter in advance
  • book your trip by telephone in advance on 221 111 122

Groups of 2 to 5 persons

  • at a ticket counter
  • in the e-shop
  • from a conductor on the train (if you’re travelling from a station where the ČD ticket office wasn’t open)

What a Group Ticket offers

We offer a Group Ticket for as few as 2 passengers travelling together:

  • the first passenger pays the full (regular) fare
  • the second passenger receives a 25% discount
  • the third and subsequent passengers receive a 50% discount
  • every passenger receive a 50% discount if travel 6 or more passengers

You will receive an additional 5% discount when purchasing a return Group Ticket.

Advantages of a Group Ticket

  • one ticket for everyone
  • no discount cards needed (no need to demonstrate eligibility for the discount – determinative is only the number of passengers travelling together, and age plays no role)
  • valid on all trains in 2nd class
  • buy a ticket for a group of up to 5 passengers immediately

Are there 6 or more of you?

  • it’s necessary to book journeys for groups of 6 or more persons in advance
  • every passenger receive a 50% discount
  • when you book a journey in advance, we’ll provide you with free seat reservations for each train on which you travel at least 15 km (except for SC reservations and reservations for trains 476/477 Metropol) if possible
  • on trains where it’s not possible to procure seat reservations as such, we’ll reserve seats for your journey if possible (seats cannot be reserved on Airport Express connections, on bus connections or in rail replacement bus service)
  • if the train’s capacity is exhausted, we’ll reserve seats for you in a supplementary carriage, if this is technically possible
  • free reservations of spaces for bicycles, until the capacity is exhausted in normally included carriages


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