All-Day Ticket (Celodenní jízdenka)

Valid from 13 December 2020

Celodenní jízdenka

What is an All-Day Ticket (Celodenní jízdenka)?

Taking an all-day trip around the Czech Republic or in one of its regions? Try our All-Day Ticket (Celodenní jízdenka). The All-Day Ticket (Celodenní jízdenka) is a network ticket, which enables you to travel without limitation aboard all of our trains.

Where and how to purchase an All-Day Ticket (Celodenní jízdenka)?

  • at a ticket counter
  • in the e-shop
  • from a conductor on the train (if you’re travelling from a station where the ČD ticket office wasn’t open)

What an All-Day Ticket (Celodenní jízdenka) offers

  • travel by train throughout the Czech Republic or in a selected region
  • without limitation with respect to the number of kilometres travelled
  • an unlimited number of journeys and trains used
  • board and disembark anywhere
  • transferable ticket (except for tickets purchased in the e-shop)
  • valid all day until midnight
  • ticket for one passenger for all our trains in 2nd class


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