Summer Group Ticket

Valid from 1.6. to 31.8.2022

You can combine several trips together with the Summer Group Ticket

pojeďte na výlet

Combine multiple experiences into one ticket!

Go on a wholleday trip around the Czech Republic or around one of the regions in the summer. You can travel unlimited on all our trains with the Summer Group Ticket. You can buy a one-day Summer group ticket from 1.6.2022 to 31.8.2022 for up to 5 passengers (only 2 of them can be older than 15 years).

Where and how to purchase a Summer Group Ticket (Letní skupinová jízdenka)?

  • in the e-shop
  • in the mobile application Můj vlak (My Train)
  • at a ticket counter
  • from a conductor on the train (if you’re travelling from a station where the ČD ticket office wasn’t open)

Summer Group Ticket offers

  • travel by train throughout the Czech Republic or in a selected region
  • up to 2 adults and up to 3 children under 15 years of age can travel on a single ticket
  • without limitation with respect to the number of kilometres travelled
  • an unlimited number of journeys and trains used
  • board and disembark anywhere
  • transferable ticket (except for tickets purchased in the e-shop)
  • valid all day until midnight in the period from 1.6.2021 to 31.8.2021
  • an ideal ticket for families with children or for small groups
  • valid on all our trains in 2nd class

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