Plzeň Integrated Transport (IDP)

Valid from 11 December 2016

IDP – Integrovaná doprava Plzeňska

What is Plzeň Integrated Transport (IDP)?

Do you commute to work or school every day? In the Plzeň Region, you can use the pre-paid Plzeň Card of the Plzeň Integrated Transport (IDP) system.

ČD trains integrated into the Plzeň Integrated Transport (IDP) system

All regional (Os) and regional fast (Sp) trains which travel on the specified lines and which cross IDP territory are integrated into the IDP system.

Lines and segments included in the integrated system:

  • line 160 : Plzeň hl. n. – Horní Hradiště
  • line 170 : Plzeň hl. n. – Sulislav
  • line 170 : Plzeň hl. n. – Kařez
  • line 175 : Rokycany – Nezvěstice
  • line 176 : Chrást u Plzně – Radnice
  • line 177 : Pňovany zast. – Pňovany
  • line 180 : Plzeň hl. n. – Hradec u Stoda
  • line 181 : Nýřany – Heřmanova Huť
  • line 183 : Plzeň hl. n. – Borovy
  • line 190 : Plzeň hl. n. – Ždírec u Plzně

Also integrated into the IDP system are trains of categories R, Rx, Ex and EC on line 170 in the Plzeň – Rokycany (– Kařez, provided the train is scheduled to stop here) segment and fast (R) trains on line 183 in the Plzeň – Borovy segment. Fast trains on other lines are not integrated into the IDP system. When travelling in 2nd class on category R and Ex trains integrated into the IDP system in the enumerated segments, a passenger may use a pre-paid time fare activated on a Plzeň Card only if he or she also has a pre-paid time fare activated for all tariff zones through which he or she will travel on the journey.

The combination of an activated tariff zone 001 Plzeň or other travelled tariff zone and an additionally charged fare is not recognised as a valid travel document in these segments on these categories of train. In other cases (i.e. on buses and on category Os and Sp trains), the combination of a pre-paid time fare and an additionally charged ticket is admissible.

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