Premium and bonus services

There are many supplementary and premium services on ČD trains, and they are continually expanding. Give them a try!

Standard offer

ČD trains normally offer passenger seating in open areas or small compartments (usually for 6 or 8 passengers). You can choose to travel in comfortable 1st class or the standard 2nd class. 1st class offers greater passenger comfort, mainly in the form of more spacious and comfortable seats, more leg room and in some cases additional amenities (e.g. individual lighting, electrical sockets), and above-standard services (e.g. refreshments). There is a WC on each train with a separate washroom in some carriages.

Disabled passengers

Some trains are equipped for transporting passengers using wheelchairs and special seating and accessible WCs are reserved for their use. Selected carriages are equipped with a platform lift for passengers using wheelchairs to facilitate their boarding. In addition to disabled passengers, accessible trains (especially suburban trains) will also be appreciated by mothers with prams and by elderly passengers.

Hand luggage

ČD trains also allow for carry-on luggage, which can be placed on shelves above the seats, under the seat or on special shelves located near the carriage’s boarding areas.


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