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  • Group travel bookings

    Search for connections, book your group's travel at least 72 hours in advance, and we'll get you seats on the train

  • Retrieving a Group Ticket

    Did we approve a group journey that you ordered? Don’t forget to retrieve and pay for your group ticket.

  • Nostalgic trains

    Tickets for historic and special Czech Railways trains

  • Pilsen Region

    Tickets of the Integrated Transport of the Pilsen Region

  • Zlín Region

    Tickets of the Integrated Transport of the Zlín Region

  • In Karta Card

    • Non-transferable plastic card tied to a person
    • Option to prepay a discount of up to 25 %, 50 % or 100 % for further journeys by Czech Railways trains
    • Storage of train tickets, tickets purchased in the e-shop and some time tickets of the Integrated Transport Systems
    • Additional benefits and more information about the In Karta card

    You can also buy an Empty In Karta card, which you can use for an Electronic Wallet on the In Karta card or for later purchases of any discount application and commuter tickets. Charging the wallet on an In Karta card

    Commuter Ticketon to an In Karta Card

    Unlimited travel for regular commuting to work or school on the selected route.

    * You can get the best price for a commuter ticket when you combined it with the IN 25 or IN 50 discount applications on an In Karta card. The Commuter tickets can also be purchased without the IN 25 or IN 50 discount applications at a higher price. More information about the Commuter ticket

    Car train to Slovakia

    • Comfortable even overnight with your car
    • Daily departure from Prague to Poprad and Košice and back
    • More about the car train
    Car train


    Pre-pay a train journey for your friends, family or acquaintances.

    Vouchers can be used to pay for any ticket purchased in the e-shop or in our ticket offices.

    Use a transport voucher

    To retrieve your ticket, please enter your transport voucher code.

    • Retrieval of a seat reservation for people with limited mobility and orientation

      Don’t forget to retrieve and pay for your seat reservation on time for the booked and approved trip.

    • Collect the ODIS tax document

      The tax receipt for an ODIS ticket purchased in a validator on a Czech Railways train.