Commuter Ticket

Valid from 13 December 2020

Traťová jízdenka

What is a Commuter Ticket?

Do you commute every day to work or school? Want to enjoy significant savings? Try our commuter tickets, which are ideal for repeated journeys on a line of your choice.

Where and how to purchase a Commuter Ticket?

  • at the ticket counter (transferable and non-transferable)
  • in the e-shop (only on an In Karta card – can only be used by one passenger)
  • from a conductor on the train if you’re travelling from a station where the ČD ticket office wasn’t open (only weekly commuter tickets)

What a Commuter Ticket offers

Commuter tickets are ideal for daily commuting over distances of up to 150 km to work or school.

With commuter tickets, it doesn’t matter how often you travel, whether you travel one-way, return, or only on part of your pre-paid route. With a commuter ticket, you can travel as often as you like and repeatedly.

You can select a commuter ticket according to the type of passenger, your preferred term of validity, and the ticket’s transferability.

Commuter tickets by passenger type

  • for passengers 18 years of age and older who can't use Special Fare (2nd or 1st class)
  • for children and juniors 6-17 years of age (2nd class only)
  • for pupils and students width valid students card or valid ISIC card (2nd class only)
  • for passengers 65 years and older (2nd class only)
  • for ZTP or ZTP/P cardholders (2nd class only)

Commuter tickets by term of validity

  • weekly
  • monthly
  • quarterly

Commuter tickets by transferability

  • transferable (issued as a paper travel document at the ticket counter) – can be used by anyone, e.g. in a family
  • non-transferable (recorded on an In Karta card at the ticket counter or purchased in the e-shop) – can only be used by one passenger

I want to save even more

Combine a commuter ticket with a discount application on an In Karta card.

  • 25% discount on adults commuter tickets – for holders of the IN 25 application
  • 50% discount on adults commuter tickets – for holders of the IN 50 application

Commuter tickets can be recorded onto an In Karta card or purchased as paper travel documents. Commuter tickets purchased on an In Karta card are non-transferable. Commuter tickets with a 25% or 50% discount for holders of the IN 25 or IN 50 applications are sold only as non-transferable tickets (they are recorded on an In Karta card).

This ticket cannot be used for intra-regional journeys by Regional trains (Os) and Regional fast trains (Sp) in the territory of the South Moravian Region and the Zlín Region.


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