Declaration of accessibility

The website aims for maximum accessibility of its content and functionality. The website is designed in view of Czech web accessibility guidelines. It fulfils the main principles of accessibility based on WCAG 1.0 methodology and the principles of the Czech Blind United (SONS) Blind Friendly Web. The structure of the layout and content has been created using the structural XHTML 1.0 Strict standard. The visual presentation has been created using cascading style sheets (CSS).


All published texts are defined in relative units and it is possible to adjust their size using the standard tools of an internet browser (Ctrl + the scrolling wheel on your computer mouse in Internet Explorer). Some application functions may be an exception to this rule.


The website is also available in a CSS style for printing. All pages can be printed using standard means available in an internet browser without limitation (a standard printer icon in the browser’s navigation bar or by selecting Print from the File menu).

Independence of input device

Published pages can be controlled without regard to the type of input device. The contents can therefore be accessed using a touchscreen, a mouse or a keyboard.

Independence of output device

Access to the website’s contents does not depend on the use of any specific type of output device, be it an alternative internet browser, a text browser, PDA, smartphone or reading device.

Contact the webmaster

In case of any problems with accessing content or functionalities of this website, please contact the web administrator at

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