IN 50

Valid from 13 December 2020

IN 50

What is IN 50?

Get an In Karta card and travel for half price! With the IN 50 application you’ll receive a 50% discount on tickets as well as other advantages. If you travel frequently by train or commute, purchasing the IN 50 application will certainly pay off. The IN 50 application is also suitable for pensioners who travel actively.

Where and how to get IN 50?

  • at a ticket counter
  • in the e-shop

Variants of the IN 50 discount

  • for adults
  • for pensioners

With the IN 50 application you’ll receive a 50% discount on Flexi Ticket and Commuter tickets for adults. Commuter tickets (weekly, monthly or quarterly) are particularly suitable for daily commuting.

You can also purchase Flexi Reduced Ticket and Ticket with an Obligatory Train at discounted prices.

The IN 50 discount is recorded on an In Karta card. You can also use an In Karta card as an electronic wallet and you won’t need to have cash with you when paying at ticket counters or when making purchases from the conductor.

You can procure IN 50 for 1 year or 3 years.

This ticket cannot be used for intra-regional journeys by Regional trains (Os) and Regional fast trains (Sp) in the territory of the South Moravian Region, Pilsen Region and the Zlín Region.


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