Complete e-shop offering

For journeys in the Czech Republic

  • sales of one-way or return tickets with a maximum of 6 transfers,
  • sales of tickets with a reservation for train categories SC, railjet, EN, EC, IC, Ex, Rx and R,
  • sales of reservations for train categories SC, railjet, EN, EC, IC, Ex, Rx and R,
  • sales of reservations with a reserved space for a bicycle, and of separate reserved spaces for bicycles,
  • sales of Group Weekend Tickets (Skupinová víkendová jízdenka) and All-Day Tickets (Celodenní jízdenka) – variants without public transport or validity abroad, Ticket for Summer (Jízdenka na léto) and All-Day Ticket for a bicycle (Celodenní jízdenka pro kolo)
  • sales of a carriage fee for a dog and of a luggage ticket.

In Karta and discount applications

  • submission of requests for an In Karta card or duplicate In Karta card (with an application or without applications)
  • sales of customer weekly, monthly and quarterly commuter tickets on an In Karta card
  • sales of additional customer applications for an In Karta card
  • recharges of an electronic wallet account on an In Karta card

For journeys to foreign destinations

  • sales of NRT tickets (tickets at the regular, non-discounted price) to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Slovakia
  • sales of IRT (global prices) tickets for selected bus connections to Germany and train connections to Slovakia
  • sales of First Minute Europe (Včasná jízdenka Evropa) tickets on selected trains to Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland at discounted prices
  • sales of separate seat reservations for selected countries on selected trains
  • sales of separate couchette or sleeper supplements to/from/in foreign countries for selected trains
  • sales of international tickets for bikes for selected countries
  • during an announced time period, sales of the ČD TIP special commercial offer
  • sales of tickets for the automobile train to Slovakia
  • sales of packages (of additional services) for selected routes in Slovakia for an announced term

Other offers

  • ČD Kredit account charging
  • sales of Parking Vouchers for parking facilities in Česká Třebová, Pardubice, Otrokovice, Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště, Zábřeh na Moravě and Brno together with a ticket with one of the specified boarding stations
  • sales of Vouchers
  • use of Transport Vouchers
  • text message information service for possible extraordinary events on a train route, in inland transport the option of having the transaction code sent as a text message (serves as a ticket)
  • possibility to pay for a group ticket for pre-ordered groups
  • sales of surcharge for commercional trains for holders of employee travel benefits

Other types of travel documents must be purchased at a railway station or from a conductor.

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