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Payment card

To ensure secure online payments, the passenger is redirected to a payment portal ensuring security by means of the 3D Secure technology, which is provided by ČSOB, a.s., and which is operated by the company Global Payments Europe. Payment card information is entered right on the payment portal (gateway) website. ČD obtains only the result of the transaction; the payment is identified by the order number.

The 3D Secure system for safe online payments generally accepts all payment cards of the VISA and MasterCard associations, as well as Diners Club cards, for which the card issuer permits secure online payments using this technology. These can be VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, MasterCard Mobile and MasterCard Unembossed cards. The Maestro card can be used for payment if it is equipped with 3D Secure from the issuing bank. At present, it is possible in practice to pay only using Maestro cards issued abroad. The issuing bank will be able to inform you whether it is possible to use the payment card for an online payment using 3D Secure technology.

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MasterPass mobile application

The MasterPass app installed in your smartphone works like a digital wallet that enables you to shop and pay simply and safely using your mobile telephone. You can find more detailed information about this app on

Platební metoda MasterPass

ČD Credit payment method

The fastest way to buy and pay for tickets is with the help of pre-charged credit in a ČD Credit account. To use ČD Credit, just register on the ČD website and activate the ČD Credit service in your user profile. You can recharge your ČD Credit account in the e-shop or at the ticket counter up to CZK 30,000. With this money, you can gradually pay for your online purchases in the ČD e-shop and in the Můj vlak (“My Train”) mobile application.

For even faster ticket purchases, you can also use the “Fast purchase” function, which you will find in the search results for connections. All necessary information will be filled in automatically from your user profile. From the selected connection, you will be asked to enter the PIN of your ČD Credit account. Right after you enter your PIN, you’ll have your ticket and you can board the train.

More information about ČD Credit

ČD Kredit

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