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After two years, ČD’s My Train (“Můj vlak”) application has hundreds of thousands of users.


ČD’s My Train application for mobile telephones has thousands of new users. In the two years of its existence, it has been downloaded by 426,000 customers. It has garnered favour and remains popular, as is demonstrated by its high ratings in surveys and competition awards.

Despite the fact that the Můj vlak application is one of the national carrier’s most successful projects in the last several years in the area of providing services and information, ČD continues to move forward by reacting to the ideas and suggestions of its users, i.e. ČD customers. The objective is for the application to be used regularly by as many current and potential customers as possible, which is why ČD is continuing to improve the services.

To commemorate the application’s second anniversary, ČD will launch the much-anticipated feature of selecting one’s seat from a carriage map when purchasing a ticket for trains in ČD reservation systems. Next year, the developers will work on implementing this feature for trains in the reservation systems of ČD partners.

Interesting statistics

The application has already been downloaded by more than 426,000 smartphone users. Customers have searched for connections more than 13 million times. They’ve found 12.5 million trains and viewed 4 million stations, and 600,000 notifications have been sent.

Awards won by the My Train application

1st place in the Web Top 100 – Mobile solutions competition / for 2015
1st place in the IEA – Tourism and transport competition / for 2015
2nd place in the Application of the year – Client service competition / for 2015

In view of the significant nationwide decline in the use of the Windows Phone platform, the application’s further development on this platform has been discontinued.

The My Train application makes it possible right on your smartphone to quickly and easily obtain the detailed information available on the ČD website. For example, it is possible to search for your requested connection, to obtain information on a connection’s arrival time or on services at individual stations and stops. Thanks to this application, you can easily purchase your ticket using your smartphone.

The national carrier continues to introduce modern and user-friendly standards in the area of passenger ticketing. For example, passengers no longer need to print out inland tickets procured through the e-shop; they can now present their tickets for inspection on the display of a computer or telephone. Effective September 2016, only the passenger’s name is entered when purchasing a ticket in the ČD e-shop; the number of a piece of personal identification is no longer entered.

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