Rules, Terms and Conditions for Telephone Sales of eTiket Documents through ČD Central Customer Service – THE TELETIKET SERVICE

Valid from 14. 6. 2020

Sales of travel documents, seat reservations, sleeper and couchette supplements, and other documents through the TeleTiket service are handled by a ČD Central Customer Service operator. The use of these documents is subject to the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF), the Uniform Rules concerning the Contract of International Carriage of Passengers by Rail (CIV), the General Conditions of Carriage for Rail Passengers (GCC-CIV/PRR), the Special Conditions of International Carriage for Non-Reservation Tickets (SCIC-NRT), the Special Conditions of International Carriage for Integrated-Reservation Tickets (SCIC-IRT), the ČD Special Agreement for International Carriage (ZUJ) with specification in the Rules for Shopping in the ČD E-shop, the ČD Contractual and Transport Terms for Public Passenger Railway Transport (SPPO), and the ČD Tariff for Inland Transport of Passengers and Luggage (TR 10 Tariff).

1. Security and protection of information

The operator declares that all personal data are considered confidential, will be used only for internal purposes, and will not be made public, provided to third parties (with the exception of ČSOB, which handles payments, and the Police when investigating crimes or infractions) or otherwise abused and will be stored securely. Personal data are collected for the purpose of telephone sales of travel and reservation documents, for handling rights exercised under the transport contract (claims), and for back-checking.

During a telephone order, the customer provides ČD with the information essential for making the payment and using the eTiket document.

2. Telephone orders and payments

Documents can generally be purchased 60 days in advance and no later than at the time of the train’s departure from the passenger’s boarding station.

Travel documents to Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland, as well as certain types of reservations can be purchased up to 90 days prior to departure.

If multiple reservation documents for the same train are part of a single telephone order, the reservation system will automatically assign them adjacent seats, provided such seats are available. ČD does not guarantee that two or more passengers travelling together will be assigned seats next to each other.


Telephone orders for travel documents can be made 24 hours a day with the exception of regular interruptions for system maintenance between 1:00 and 2:00 (a.m.). The telephone call is subject to a fee.

In order to issue the document, effect payment and send the document to a specified place, the customer will be asked to provide the following information:

  • name and surname of the customer,
  • name and surname of the purchaser (i.e. payment card holder),
  • e-mail address to which to document should be sent,
  • payment card number,
  • payment card expiration date.

For purchases, only embossed (relief) payment cards issued by VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express may be used. The bank which issued the payment card will provide information on whether it can be used to pay for a telephone order.

When entering the payment card number and expiration date, the operator will turn off the recording of the conversation and after this information has been entered into the bank terminal the recording of the conversation will be resumed. The operator will inform the customer of this fact in advance during the relevant part of the conversation.

In accordance with the contractual terms of the bank, payment for documents using a payment card can only be effected by the holder of the payment card, i.e. the person whose name and surname are printed on the card. If the name of the customer ordering the documents does not match the name of the cardholder at the time of payment, the order will be rejected.

The use of the payment card of a different person is forbidden, and is considered a crime in the Czech Republic.

A telephone order can be cancelled up until the moment of payment.

The minimum total price of documents in a single telephone order is CZK 1; the maximum total price is CZK 30,000.

When confirming payment for the order, the ČD Central Customer Service operator will provide the customer with the order number, which we recommend taking note of.

Telephone orders for documents are subject to a fee, the amount of which is specified in the TR 10 Tariff. The customer will be informed of the fee and of its amount by the ČD Central Customer Service operator.

3. Document

The travel document is generated as an eTiket document in PDF format and is always sent to the customer using the e-mail address which he or she provided at the time of purchase. The customer can also provide a telephone number, to which basic information about the ticket will be sent as a text message. This information includes the transaction code, which in inland transport can be used during a ticket inspection on the train.

The document may be presented for inspection printed on white paper in A4 format, as a PDF file displayed on the screen of a portable electronic device, as a record on an In Karta card, as a QR code displayed on the screen of a mobile telephone, or merely as a transaction code communicated to the conductor.

A PDF file containing the travel document must be saved electronically by the passenger in such a way so that it can be displayed immediately for inspection by the train crew and thus is not directly dependent on the availability of an internet connection. In the event that the device is inoperable (e.g. due to an empty battery, etc.), the passenger shall be required to pay on the train the fare for which he or she demonstrates eligibility, including a handling surcharge or fare surcharge.

International travel documents containing couchette or sleeper supplements (except for direct Praha – Zürich carriages) and travel documents to Belarus, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands or Ukraine must always be printed and the customer shall always present them in printed form on the train.

If the passenger prints a document on his or her own printer, he or she is responsible for the adequacy of the print quality. Print quality can be verified with the help of a sample document, which is available on Printed inland and international documents must always be on A4 paper in unmodified form. A QR code is generated on the document, which must not be damaged, modified or folded.

International travel documents for the automobile train are not sold as TeleTiket documents.

If multiple documents are part of one telephone order, then they will form part of one PDF file.

4. Document use

The document is non-transferable and valid only in combination with identification bearing the name and surname provided by the passenger in the telephone order and printed on the document. When travel documents are inspected, the passenger is required to present this identification.

Identification is understood as any official identification document issued by a relevant administrative authority, ČD or other carrier, or an International Student Identification Card (ISIC) or International Teacher Identification Card (ITIC). The following must be visually specified on the original identification document presented on the train:

• given name and surname;

• a photograph of the holder;

• identification document number.

Passengers who have purchased a ticket for a special or discounted fare (children, pensioners, holders of ZTP or ZTP/P cards, students with student identification and others) must demonstrate their eligibility for such a discount when travel documents are inspected by presenting valid identification per the TR 10 Tariff. Children under 15 years of age travelling alone shall establish their identity with a ČD identification card (e.g. student card or In Karta card) or a passport. If a child under 15 years of age is accompanied by a passenger with his or her own identification card, an identification card in the same name as that of the accompanying person can be used for the child’s travel document.

In a combined travel document for multiple persons, however, it is essential for the person whose name and surname are specified on the document to travel. Otherwise, the document is considered invalid. Damaged documents, documents with illegible information, an illegible QR code and documents bearing modified information will also be considered invalid.

Passengers who have purchased a return document for a journey to Poland, Ukraine or Slovenia are required to have it stamped by ČD train personnel on the OUTBOUND journey. If necessary, passengers are required to actively search for a ČD conductor and have their travel documents stamped. Otherwise, the ticket is invalid.

If a passenger does not have a valid document per the above-mentioned terms and conditions, he or she is considered a passenger without a valid travel document in the sense of the SPPO, in international transport in the sense of the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF), the Uniform Rules concerning the Contract of International Carriage of Passengers by Rail (CIV), and the ČD Special Agreement for International Carriage (ZUJ).

5. Exercising one’s right under the transport contract

As is the case for eTiket documents, the exercise of one’s right (the lodging of a claim) under the transport contract is generally subject to the relevant provisions of the Rules for Shopping in the ČD E-shop, which are based on the SPPO in the case of inland travel documents, and on the ZUJ in the case of international travel documents.

A right (claim) under the transport contract may be exercised:

  • in the ČD e-shop, by using the “Return and exchange tickets” navigation item and entering the transaction code and e-mail address
  • with the help of a ČD Central Customer Service operator

In certain cases, a ticket and seat reservation may be printed together on a single document, although for purposes of processing a right (claim) exercised under the transport contract for reasons on the passenger’s side, handling fees will apply to the ticket and seat reservation separately.

Refunds, less a fee per the SPPO, will be paid out to the passenger exclusively by means of a cashless transfer to the account associated with the payment card used to pay for the telephone order.

ČD is required to settle the matter and to inform the claimant of the acceptance or rejection of his or her request within three months from the request’s delivery date.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that after purchasing a First Minute Europe (Včasná jízdenka Evropa) ticket to Poland or Ukraine, the service charge for a returned document is always 100%, regardless of when the ticket is returned in the ČD e-shop.

The passenger is responsible for the correctness of the information provided by telephone to the ČD Central Customer Service operator; subsequent claims or rights exercised under the transport contract will not be considered.

6. Contacts

ČD Central Customer Service, tel. 221 111 122 or

ČD SPPO - změna č. 10 - účinnost od 11. 12. 2016

Effective from 14 June 2020

Verze 2.2



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