First Minute Europe (Včasná jízdenka Evropa) to Germany

Valid from 11. 4. 2024

Včasná jízdenka Evropa do Německa

What is First Minute Europe (Včasná jízdenka Evropa)?

Do you travel to Germany to see new things? Enjoy a comfortable train journey at the lowest price with First Minute Europe (Včasná jízdenka Evropa).

Where and how to purchase a First Minute Europe (Včasná jízdenka Evropa) ticket?

  • in the e-shop (to certain countries also on the ČD mobile website and in the Můj vlak (“My Train”) mobile application)
  • at a ticket counter (for a fee of CZK 50)
  • by telephone on +420 221 111 122 (for a fee of CZK 50)

The First Minute Ticket Europe to Germany offers

  • ticket at a very advantageous price
  • the earlier you buy, the cheaper the trip
  • convenient online purchase



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