Valid from 11.12.2016

Vlakem do Maďarska

Are you travelling to Hungary?

You can get to Hungary several times daily aboard comfortable direct EuroCity trains. In addition, you can also travel overnight to Budapest in a sleeper carriage.

Where and how to purchase a ticket?

  • at an international ticket counter
  • in the e-shop

From Prague to Budapest every two hours

You can travel to Budapest several times per day without changing trains not only from Prague but also from Pardubice and Brno. EuroCity trains run between Prague, Brno and Budapest every two hours. Once a day, you can travel to Budapest without changing also from Ostrava.

From To Trains per day Duration Trains Changes
Prague Budapest 6x 6 h 43 min EC 0
Brno Budapest 7x 4 h 12 min EC 0
Ostrava Budapest 1x 5 h 35 min EC 0

You can obtain more detailed information about train journeys to Hungary from ourSearch for a Connection page.

Travelling on EuroCity trains

Overnight connection

You can also use the direct overnight train EN 476/477 from Prague, Pardubice and Brno to Budapest with through carriages from Ostrava on the train EN 406/407.

Travelling in sleeper and couchette carriages

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