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Vlakem do Německa

Are you travelling to Germany?

You can get to Germany several times daily aboard comfortable direct EuroCity and express trains. For journeys in border regions, you can use many local (Os) trains.

Where and how to purchase a ticket?

  • at an international ticket counter
  • in the e-shop

To Hamburg four times a day, to Berlin every two hours

Direct EuroCity trains run from Prague and Ústí nad Labem to Dresden and Berlin every two hours, and some of them continue on to the northern German city of Hamburg. Once per day, it is possible to travel to Berlin and Hamburg without transferring even from Brno and Pardubice. Direct connections are thus available, e.g.:

From To Trains per day Duration Trains Change
Prague Dresden 8x 2 h 15 min EC, EN 0
Prague Berlin 7x 4 h 29 min EC, EN 0
Prague Hamburg 4x 6 h 43 min EC 0
Brno Dresden 6x 5 h 5 min EC, EN 1*
Brno Berlin 5x 7 h 19 min EC, EN 1*

* direct connection once a day

Four times a day to Munich

Direct long-distance trains travel to Munich not only from Prague but also from Beroun, Plzeň or Domažlice.

From To Trains per day Duration Trains Change
Prague Munich 4x cca 6 h Ex, EC 0
Pilsen Munich 4x cca 4 h Ex, EC 0

Travelling on Eurocity Trains

Border connections

Near the Czech-German border, in particular near Cheb, Děčín and Liberec, transport is also provided by many regional passenger trains.

You can obtain more detailed information about train journeys to Germany from our Search for a Connection page.


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