Waiting rooms and areas for passengers

At selected stations you can wait for your train in a waiting area. They are situated in closed rooms, furnished with seats, and they allow you to comfortably pass the time until your train arrives.

Passenger waiting area

ČD waiting rooms are enclosed areas which you can enter only with a valid travel document. They generally have limited opening hours, which are posted at the entrances. You can find an overview of stations equipped with waiting rooms in the List of Stations, including their opening hours. Smoking is not permitted in waiting rooms, on trains or in other ČD premises. You can bring all of your luggage with you into the waiting room except for bicycles. You can also bring a dog with a muzzle, or other small animal enclosed in a carrier, into the waiting room.

ČD Lounge waiting area

Special ČD Lounge waiting areas are intended for passengers:

  • with a valid 1st class ticket
  • with a valid 2nd class ticket in combination with a reservation for a higher-quality train (railjet, SuperCity, EC, IC, EN, Ex, Rx), an SC or railjet Business reservation, or a sleeper or couchette supplement for a higher-quality train
  • with the IN 100 or IN Business customer application on an In Karta card
  • with children under 10 years of age
  • pregnant women
  • with a valid ZTP or ZTP/P card

There are ČD Lounge waiting areas at the stations Praha hl.n., Pardubice hl.n., Olomouc hl.n., Ostrava-Svinov, Ostrava hl.n., Břeclav and Brno hl.n. Here you can relax or read the daily press before continuing on your journey. In all ČD Lounge waiting areas, your children can amuse themselves in new kids’ corners. We also offer a free internet connection in ČD Lounge waiting areas. Each ČD Lounge waiting area is dedicated to a prominent personality connected with the railway or the region.

Come visit a ČD Lounge waiting area to pleasantly pass the time until your train departs and learn something new.

Waiting areas for passengers with children

At selected stations there are separate waiting areas for passengers with children. These are accessible only to adults accompanied by one or more children under 10 years of age. It is also possible to use ČD Lounge waiting areas, located at the largest stations, to pass the time with children under 10 years of age.

Areas for passengers

These are generally station halls and other premises which are freely accessible to passengers even without a ticket. In certain cases these premises have been adapted as comfortable waiting areas. They are generally closed for part of the night, however. You can find the opening hours of passenger areas in the List of Stations.

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