Left luggage storage

At certain railway stations, ČD operates a bicycle storage facility, a left luggage storage facility, or has luggage storage lockers available, where for a fee luggage can be stored for a limited period of time.

Overview of stations

You will find an overview of stations providing these services, including opening hours, in the List of Stations. The terms and conditions for storing luggage, storing bicycles and using storage lockers together with their price schedules are published in each station equipped to offer this service and may differ in individual regions.

Bicycle storage facilities

We offer storage of your bicycle at 120 bicycle storage facilities throughout the Czech Republic. If you travel regularly with a bicycle, you can also take advantage of regular storage (by the week or by the month). Thus, you do not have to waste time every day with the formalities necessary for using the storage facility. We also accept children’s prams and motorcycles into these storage facilities.

Left luggage storage

The left luggage storage facility accepts easily portable luggage which will not injure, soil or cause damage to persons or equipment, or damage other stored luggage. When depositing pieces of luggage heavier than 15 kg, the storage facility employee may ask for your assistance. If you refuse to provide assistance, the storage facility employee may refuse to accept your luggage into storage.

Luggage which by nature requires packaging must be duly packaged so that it is protected from loss or damage.

The receipt for the takeover of luggage into the storage facility is the storage ticket. Please verify the information on the Left Luggage Ticket; subsequent claims will not be considered. In your own interest, protect the Left Luggage Ticket from damage or loss. The storage fee is paid in advance.

Storage period

You can store luggage for a maximum of 40 days. After this storage period has elapsed, unclaimed luggage is opened for purposes of determining the identity of the depositor. If the luggage displays signs that its contents have succumbed to spoilage, it can be opened already after 48 hours have passed.

Release of stored items

A ČD employee at the left luggage storage facility will release stored luggage to you upon presentation of the Left Luggage Ticket and after payment of the storage fee for the entire period of storage. The employee releasing stored luggage is not required to ascertain whether the person presenting the Left Luggage Ticket is authorised to claim the left luggage.

In the event of damage, destruction or loss of luggage, you must announce this fact immediately upon release of the luggage to storage facility employees, who will make a written record of this which is the necessary document for any claim to compensation. Claims for loss or damage of stored luggage are handled by the station at which the damage occurred.

Unless stipulated otherwise, the general provisions of the Civil Code apply for the legal relationships between the passenger and ČD when using a storage facility.

Storage lockers

Storage lockers are intended for depositing luggage without the involvement of ČD employees. Here, you deposit and retrieve your luggage yourself.

Storage period

You can use a ČD storage locker for at most 24 hours. After this time period has elapsed, you must empty the locker. If you do not empty the locker, an authorised person will transfer the deposited luggage to a ČD left luggage storage facility or to a different location according to published terms and conditions, where we will retain the luggage for maximum of 40 days.

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