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We operate Zásilkovna service at selected stations, where you can have your package sent from more than 30,000 e-shops, or submit your package for transport throughout the Czech Republic. Warehouse space is usually larger here, so you can be sure there is room for your package.

Station overview

You can find an overview of stations providing Zásilkovna service, including operating hours, in the list of stations.

Please note that the operating hours of Zásilkovna may be different from the operating hours of other services of the given station.

Pick-up and submission of packages

Pick-up and submission of packages takes place within the operating hours of the designated place under the conditions specified at

At stations where this service is provided by cashiers, we kindly ask for leniency if the passenger who buys the ticket at the last minute before the train leaves is preferred.

Location of Zásilkovna service

The service may be provided at a different location in each station. These are ticket offices, luggage storage, bicycle rentals, etc. Each such place shall be suitably marked. You can find a more detailed description of the pick-up and submission point, including a photo, at, or in the detail of the submission point when selecting it during the purchase in the e-shop supporting this service.

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