Automobile train

Automobile train

Pack your car or motorcycle for a train journey too...

Load your car or motorcycle on a special car-carrier wagon, and rest peacefully in a sleeper carriage while our train transports you and your vehicle hundreds of kilometres. You needn’t worry about driving; at the destination station, you will exit the train rested and then continue your journey with your vehicle. Automobile trains generally consist of a car-carrier wagon and an accompanying sleeper carriage for comfortable overnight travel. At the boarding station in the automobile train terminal, you will drive your car or motorcycle onto the car-carrier wagon at a predetermined time prior to departure and then board the accompanying sleeper carriage. We will then couple the car-carrier wagon and the sleeper carriage to an overnight EuroNight (EN) train. At your destination station, the car-carrier wagon and sleeper carriage are decoupled and placed in the automobile train terminal, where you will exit the train and drive your car or motorcycle off of the car-carrier wagon. You can travel by overnight automobile train between Prague and Poprad, Prague and Košice, or Prague and Humenné.

Travelling on automobile trains


2nd class (daily automobile train)

1st class (daily automobile train)

sleeper carriage (overnight automobile train)


shower (overnight automobile train)

reservations required for car

berth reservations required (overnight automobile train)

seat reservations possible (daily automobile train)

refreshment (overnight automobile train)

bistro carriage (daily automobile train)

car-carrier wagon


Accompanying sleeper carriage

A WLABmee sleeper carriage will serve as the accompanying carriage for the occupants of the cars and motorcycles loaded onto the car-carrier wagon. It offers comfortable overnight travel in a total of 10 compartments with three berths each (category Triple) or two berths each (category Double). Each berth is equipped with clean sheets, a pillow in a pillow case, and a blanket. A clean hand towel and a small package containing items for basic personal hygiene are prepared for each passenger.

A WC and shower are accessible from the hall of the carriage. You can also make use of three compartments in the category Deluxe, where you will have a WC and shower right in the compartment. Certain compartments can be connected for larger groups travelling together. Doors to the compartments are equipped with a security lock. All compartments have a sink with hot and cold water. When travelling outside of overnight hours, berths can be converted into seats for daytime travel. The carriage also contains a service compartment attended throughout the journey by the sleeper carriage conductor, from whom you can purchase simple refreshments.

Photo-gallery of the vehicle



sleeper carriage




berth reservations required


230V electrical sockets



berths (or seats)


seats for passengers using wheelchairs


spaces for bicycles


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