SuperCity Pendolino

SuperCity Pendolino

The fastest comfortable connection across the Czech Republic...

SuperCity (SC) Pendolino trains provide the fastest regular connections on the Ostrava – Olomouc – Pardubice – Prague route. Moreover, once daily they connect Prague with Košice in Slovakia, and twice daily they connect the Ostrava region and Prague with western Bohemia. They stop at only the most important stations, and offer very comfortable travel in 1st or 2nd class with required seat reservations. The trains are able to transport bicycles, prams and strollers, as well as other bulky luggage. You can purchase refreshments in the bistro carriage or use the in-seat service. In 1st class, you will receive a small refreshment and the daily press free of charge; in 2nd class you will receive bottled water and the daily press free of charge. For the duration of your journey, you will also have at your disposal the on-board entertainment and information portal, where you can order refreshments to be delivered right to your seat, read a book, listen to music, play games or even watch a movie. SC Pendolino trains operate at ČD’s own commercial risk mostly without having been commissioned and without co-financing. For part of the route, they are commissioned and co-financed by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

Services on SC Pendolino trains

2nd class (open carriage)

1st class (open carriage)


an accessible WC with changing table

seat reservations required – it is necessary to purchase a reservation

a bistro carriage

an in-seat refreshment service

delivery of ordered refreshments right to your seat

bonus services in 1st and 2nd class

an on-board entertainment and information portal

a free wireless internet connection

230V electrical sockets

a quiet section

reserved seats for passengers travelling with children under 10

transport of oversized luggage with required reservation of a space

a carriage suitable for transporting passengers using wheelchairs

an audio-visual information system

Photo-gallery of the vehicle






seats for passengers using wheelchairs


spaces for bicycles

You will find a total of 52 1st class seats in the second carriage. There is space for 3 prams.

Train composition

The earlier you purchase, the cheaper you travel

Where does the SC Pendolino go?

It runs several times daily on the Bohumín – Ostrava hl.n. – Ostrava-Svinov – Olomouc hl.n. – Pardubice hl.n. – Praha hl.n. – Plzeň hl.n. – Stříbro – Planá u Mariánských Lázní – Mariánské Lázně – Cheb – Františkovy Lázně – Karlovy Vary route and return.

Also, the SC Pendolino Košičan runs daily on the Praha hl.n. – Kolín – Pardubice hl.n. – Česká Třebová – Olomouc hl.n. – Ostrava-Svinov – Ostrava hl.n. – Bohumín – Český Těšín – Žilina – Ružomberok – Liptovský Mikuláš – Štrba – Poprad-Tatry – Kysak – Košice route and return.

Always with a reservation

On SC Pendolino trains, you can use any tickets valid for 1st or 2nd carriage class aboard ČD trains. For your comfort, it is also necessary on SC Pendolino trains to purchase a reservation for each passenger. An exception is the segment between Praque and Františkovy Lázně, where it is possible to travel without a reservation, although we recommend that you purchase a reservation here as well. The price of SC reservations changes over time – the earlier you purchase, the less you will pay.

You can purchase tickets and reservations in advance online, using your mobile telephone, or right in our ticket office at the station. You can also purchase a ticket and reservation from a conductor on the train, but here you will pay a handling surcharge in the amount of Tarif ČD

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