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Valid from 11.12.2016

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Which ticket to use for business trips?

Don’t know which ticket is best for you? Contact us on, specify the nature of your journeys (how many people are travelling, how often, what are the most common destinations, whether the same people always travel or not), and we’ll prepare a customised offer.

In Karta with the IN 100 discount

  • the ticket is non-transferable and issued for a specific person
  • travel in 2nd class without purchasing tickets
  • transport of oversized luggage and a dog free of charge
  • passengers with tickets for 2nd class can purchase SC reservations for CZK 35 - 500
  • passengers with tickets for 1st class can purchase SC reservations for CZK 100 - 500
  • it can also be used as an electronic wallet (for cashless payments at ticket vending machines, with the conductor or at the ticket counter)
  • 25% discount on most tickets to destinations abroad

Price: CZK 21,990

If you are interested in purchasing a larger number of In Karta cards with the IN 100 application, please contact us on Our sales managers can arrange payment by invoice or discounted terms of purchase with you.

Detailed information, terms and conditions of IN 100

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