In Karta Card in a Mobile Telephone

Valid from 16 January 2018

You’ll have an In Karta card in 5 minutes

If you don’t yet have an In Karta card, you can now get a new Virtual In Karta Card free of charge. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes using the Můj vlak (“My Train”) mobile application installed on your Android or iOS smartphone. We’ve also kept in mind those customers who currently hold plastic chip In Karta cards, which can be saved in the Můj vlak application as a Picture of an In Karta Card even without procuring a new Virtual In Karta Card.

In either case, it is necessary to have the Můj vlak mobile application version 12.0 or later installed on your smartphone, and to have a user account on You can find the Můj vlak application on Google Play (for Android telephones) or the App Store (for iOS telephones), where you can download it free of charge. If you don’t already have a user account, then you can create one right in the Můj vlak application and take care of everything using your smartphone. To one user account you can always associate only one In Karta card (Virtual In Karta Card or Picture of an In Karta Card), which cannot subsequently be associated to a different user account.

Why should I have an In Karta card in my mobile?

Having an In Karta card in your mobile telephone makes it easy to present discount applications and tickets, and to establish your identity for tickets purchased with your smartphone or in our e-shop. All you need to do is to show the conductor the QR code on your smartphone display and the conductor will see all your current tickets and discount applications, as well as your identity. You can also show your In Karta card to the conductor using any other smartphone or tablet on which the Můj vlak application is installed by logging into your account. This can be useful if you forget or lose your telephone.

The In Karta card in a mobile also includes the RailPlus discount for travel abroad. When travelling to foreign destinations, however, it is not sufficient to show the conductor only the QR code of your In Karta card instead of a ticket. Here, it is always necessary to display the QR code of the specific ticket (if travelling to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark or Switzerland) or to have a printed version of the ticket (if travelling to other destinations).

The In Karta card in a mobile telephone does not contain an electronic wallet, and money deposited in the electronic wallet of a plastic chip In Karta card cannot be used in your smartphone.

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